Thursday, August 15, 2013

Presenting Indies Need Booze Maggy Festy Edition The Second

Alright folks, we finally recovered from our indie hangovers (yes, indie hangovers) at Indie Con DC to bring you... Indies Need Booze Maggy Festy Edition the Second! Get ready to drink your socks (or other random item of clothing) off with your favorite indies and even some you have never heard of. The National Harbor Captain finally gave us a permit to party the night away.

What's new for this year?  Now booze comes in many varieties and colors. Also we have been working on Drinkbot v2.3 which is programmed to play beer pong. Version 2.2 had a horrible bug which caused it to punch people in the face.  We've fixed this bug..... we think.   I am sure it's completely safe.

Also, get ready for JT Tip's second performance ever.  He will be butt-chugging live... now with explosions!!! This is a free concert since he is doing it to raise money for the sick kids. Not just any sick kids, but super sick kids!

Are we giving away things? Indeed we are, but to obtain these items you will have to participate in competitions.  Competitions that will test your skills in drinking and gaming at the same time.  No more free prizes!  You have to earn this shit!!!  You may see two of your prize at the end, but I assure you that you are just getting one.  To honor our new tradition of dying systems we will be giving away one of those at Indies Need Booze with tons of signatures.   Who will sign it?  Why would we tell you and ruin the surprise?!

Who is coming other than JT Tip? I can only state that all your favorites from the B-list, like yours truly, will be there.   That guy who made a puzzle platformer, or some pretentious exploration game, or even a game that is "art" and not really a game at all will also be there. We got them all!

This event is for "children" of all ages 21+.  Those kids really love their Jagermeister.  That's how they get across the monkey bars!  Then they top it off with a nice car bomb. Ah, public education at its finest.


January 3rd, 2014 from 9:30pm to 1:30am
177 Fleet St
National Harbor, MD

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