Sunday, December 8, 2013

Announcing Indies Need Booze Paxy Easty Edition with Explosions

Hey, everyone listen up!  We are proud to announce Indies Need Booze Paxy Easty Edition with Explosions! The explosions are primed for April 11th! We will be at The Asgard, same as last time, from 9pm to 1am for another PAX party of drunken fun! What's new? How many more drunks can we expect at this year's party? Well, keep your pants on as we describe the brand newness of the party this year in Full HD and 7.1 surround sound!  Okay, we just made that last bit up.

First off, we have two types of tickets! What a bunch of sell outs, right?! Don't worry, we still have free tickets for you folks. Though, everyone should know we put our own money on the line to make this event happen! This year we have the Drunken Indie Pass. You get guaranteed entrance into the party, a PAX East survival pack filled with goodies and a game code. Finally, by buying a pass you get entered for a chance to win the ultimate prize giveaway filled with indie games and other great stuff! The free pass is a first come first serve and the more Drunken Indie Passes we sell they less space we have for our free passes.

Secondly, we have a competition planned.  We will go over that shortly, but won't officially be announced till after MAG Fest. We are picking three indies for a great opportunity to show their game at Indies Need Booze. Want to be a part of it?  Stay tuned for details on how!

Once all our paid tickets are gone, they are gone! What are some other ways you can get in guaranteed? Well, of course, like last year we need volunteers! Checking our guests in and helping our indies set up.  We need all the help we can get! If you are interested in volunteering you get a survival pack as a thank you from us!

If you are showing your game at PAX East on the show floor or have a panel then you can also get in for free. Space is limited though, so please email us ahead of time so we can figure out how much space we have to accommodate you.  Buying the Drunken Indie Pass really helps us organize Indies Need Booze.  We aren't in this to make any money.  We do this because it is fun.  We do this because we love indie games and the indie community.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at  I swear we don't bite hard!

Can't wait to see all your drunk indie asses there!

Sincerely, Jacob and John