Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Drunken Indie Showcase Winners!

Oh man... what time is it?! It's less than three weeks until PAX East! Those daily martini parties really put John and I out for awhile! Since we have awoken from our drunken slumber, we somehow managed to play the submissions to our Drunken Indie Showcase. There were plenty of great submissions, but only three made it on to our coveted Drunken Indie Showcase. John still doesn't understand how he was still alive to help pick the winners, but we hope you will enjoy playing these three games at our party!

Formicide is a fast-paced and intense 2D multiplayer platformer featuring bloodthirsty ants. It’s inspired by titles like Quake, Unreal Tournament, Worms, and Liero. Select a custom loadout from dozens of weapons to face off against friends and enemies alike in destructible environments. It also features a powerful editor, allowing for a player-driven modding community.

Jungle Rumble:
In Jungle Rumble you drum to control a tribe of monkeys as a rival tribe invades. You drum on your mobile screen to move and attack with a rhythmic grammar. It could be called a Rhythm-RTS.
The game has a dynamic soundtrack that responds to how you play. As you swing through trees and build your mojo (yeah, baby), new drums and rhythms are mixed in.

Drinking Quest:
The battles are a series of one-on-one fights to the death. You either kill the monster earning coins and XP or your character dies and you must chug your drink! The cards act as the GM (So everyone can drink) and the heroes go through four themed quests in each game - each getting progressively difficult and more likely to drink. However, as this is a light RPG and a light Drinking Game, there is a one chug per quest maximum which prevents Drinking Quest from being a "Pass out in 10 minutes" kind of drinking game. Over the course of 2 or 3 hours, a typical game averages 2 or 3 chugs.

(John suggests that you drink the amount that he feels comfortable with you drinking... and that's a lot.)

This year we are really going to pack the house at The Asgard. We can't wait to see all of you drunk indies there.

Sincerely, John and Jacob

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