Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to win some kick ass tickets!

So... you forgot to get a ticket didn't you? Well, you are in luck because John and I love handing out free tickets just because we are that cool! How the hell can you win them? Well it is all about finding us at the right moments at first. First, get on your phone and follow us at @indiesneedbooze and @gaminginpublic to get up to the minute details on where we are at. Don't know what we look like? We will be taking way too many selfies and duck lip photos to give you a heads up on where to find us.

Come party down with the best of us at Made in MA. Those tickets you must sign up on eventbrite.  We'll let you figure out the rest.  We can't link everything.  That would be too easy.

John and I love indie games, so of course Friday morning and afternoon we will be hanging around the Indie Mega Booth. 

Some of our good friends over at Drunken Moogle and Indie Game Stand, have a panel called "Land My Job! Inside Advice on Getting into the Game Industry." We will be there sitting in the audience. 

If you want the ultra extreme tickets that get you into the party no matter what then go to "Break on Through: The Future of Music Games" featuring our Drunken Indie Showcase winner Trevor from Disco Pixel. We won't be there, but Trevor has something up his sleeves in order to win them. 

That's it. Now let us back to drinking! 

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