Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Let's Drink to Castle Crashers with The Drunken Moogle

Welcome to another day of preparing your liver for an early grave!  Let's drink! Before we talk about the game we will play, let us introduce our guest Mitch from the Drunken Moogle. If you haven't heard about his website then get out from under your rock and start reading over there. Seriously! When you want to talk about the drunken masters of gaming, then look no further than Mitch.  You can find a link to his site in the side bar of our page if you somehow miss the links strewn about this post.

Now let's talk about the game. Castle Crashers is another game that I shouldn't have to introduce, but just in case you still are peaking out from under your rock I will explain. Castle Crashers is an amazing 4 player co-op or competitive adventure on XBLA, PSN, and Steam. It's created by The Behemoth, who created Alien Hominid and Battle Block Theater as well. Again, go check them out before you drink too much and forget what I wrote. 

Finally... the drinking game. I always do some research before I create a drinking game, but since Mitch has already created a pretty awesome drinking game for Castle Crashers I am going to cherry pick five rules that are essential to playing the game tomorrow. 

Mouth to Mouth: While a dead player is being revived, they must drink until brought back to life. 
Level Up: When a player levels up, they must sip as many times as their new level.
Hardcore Bully: Whomever gets the most kills in a round must drink for three seconds
Save The Princess: Whomever wins the princess battle must take three drinks
Elixir: Every time a potion is used take a drink

Don't forget the show starts Thursday from 8 pm to 9 pm est. Also come join our twitch stream for a chance to win a special Indies Need Booze flask!  

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