Monday, April 28, 2014

Let's Drink to Trials Fusion Twitch Stream

If you didn't already see, we are now bringing live streams twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Tuesday for right now is our goof off and drink session. This Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm we are playing Trials Fusion. If you have never played any game in the series, it's never too late to start.  It's all extreme obstacle course maneuvering on a motorcycles all while avoiding silly and painful looking crashes. Whether you play the game for best time or just want to see your body flail this is the drinking game for you.
  • Every three crashes take a drink. If you did it every crash trust me you would be hammered about twenty minutes in.
  • If you crash before you reach the first check point, you drink.
  • If you  miss a platform and fall to your death take a drink.
  • For a perfect run gives three drinks.
  • If you really are that good and feel like showing off land as many tricks in a row as you can.  Give one drink for each trick landed.  If you crash/bail during a trick take a drink.  It's risk vs reward.
Get ready to see plenty of crashes and of course epic flailing! See you all on twitch!

1 comment:

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