Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our drinking game for the Children of Liberty Twitch Stream.

Alright folks we are excited to finally be gearing up for our first Indies Need Booze twitch stream. Our first game we are featuring is Children of Liberty by Lantana Games which you can purchase in early access on Steam. This game is for all you stealth fans as it beautifully blends 2D stealth action into a 3D world. If that's not enough for you, the game takes place in 1775 as British troops enter the city of Boston.

Enough introductions. Lets get to the drinking rules! During the whole twitch stream I'll be keeping to these drinking rules as I play Children of Liberty.
  • Every time your caught by a guard take a drink
  • You are so good at pulling lever so take a drink
  •  Every time you encounter a bug take a drink 
  • Once you claim victory finish the drink entirely
  • During the interview if the word indie gets mentioned take a drink
Don't forget to join us from 9pm to 10pm est for our live stream with Billy Nichols of Lantana Games. You could win a game code to Children of Liberty or an Indies Need Booze flask. 

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