Wednesday, April 23, 2014

PAX East Recap: I still don't know WTF Wild Star is.

This was the second year for Indies Need Booze and a second year to prove to Boston that we are not only the most indie party, but the drunkest party as well.

This was the very first year we had developers show at our event. A big round of applause to Jungle Rumble, Formicide, and Drinking Quest for being our Drunken Indie Showcase winners! People really loved having the option to play the game during the event while mingling with other indie developers.

Also, this was the very first year we made people compete for prizes. Jeff from Powerup Audio won an iPad by chugging faster than everyone and Brad won an Ouya by competing in a drunken rock paper scissors contest. In the end, making people compete for prizes by drinking more beer is a big win in my book!

Just because we want the word to spread about this event we are totally going to start name dropping right now! The great people over at Red Hook Games came by and rocked some bottles of wine for their table. Those fancy bastards! There working on a game called Darkest Dungeon and it looks great so far! The team over at Crypt of the Necro Dancer crashed the party as well. I am hoping they release the full version of their game with a Dance Dance Revolution pad because that would be perfection-- perfection I would gladly pay for! Also the team over at World Zombination came by to drink with us as well.

I could go through a list and mention everyone, but I am not here to name drop till the end of time! Just until the end of this post.  Finally, a big thanks goes out to sponsors Dejobaan Games, Indie Game Stand, and The Behemoth. They gave us so much swag to giveaway that everyone left with something cool!

This event was a big success, so now we are moving on to bigger and better things. First off, we are announcing our plans to bring Indies Need Booze to PAX Prime and Boston FIG! Once we finalize dates for those events we will let you all know. Secondly, this Thursday via Twitch we are starting our weekly show with indie developers. At 9pm EST we will be playing Children of Liberty by Lantana Games. Watch me drink away as I talk with Billy Nichols of Lanatana Games. If you didn't get the game already we are giving away a few copies of the game as well as a Indies Need Booze flask. To enter yourself to win some cool swag come on our show and ask your questions!

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