Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lets Drink to Awesomenauts (again!)

It's another week of gaming with all of us at Indies Need Booze. Finally the time has come for Super Time Force and Battle Block Theater on Steam.  I am jumping up and down with joy! For now though, lets crack open beer and reflect on the good tidings to come. Another game that just came to early access on steam that you should all get is Minimum. It's a third person shooter with the hot gameplay style the kids are calling MOBA.  Also, did you know they finally changed the dates for PAX Prime on their webiste? Keep your eyes on the website as tickets will be on sale soon!!!

Awesomenauts.... again? Yes, this game again. Our good friend Steven, also known as Recruit, will be joining us for the festivities and maybe even a drink or two.  We are playing the same drinking game we had from last week, but for all of you who forgot the rules-- here they are!

Costume Party: For every player who is wearing a purchased costume that round take a drink. 3 purchased costumes = 3 drinks
Domination: If the entire team is wiped out on either side waterfall for three seconds.
Turret Destroyer: When your team destroys a turret take a drink
Cannon Fodder: Anytime an NPC kills you such as a bot or turret take three drinks.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner:  Every time you kill a player take a drink.

Again here is the link for where you can join us! Tune in from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm tonight for the crazy drunken action. 

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