Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Let's Drink to Battle Block Theater

It's Tuesday again and you know what time it is! Finally, all of those great games have come out.  I only wish I had the time to play them all! In other news-- PAX Prime tickets will be out in no time so make sure you follow them on twitter. Even in our drunken stages we make signing up for PAX Prime tickets drunk proof by turning on notifications from the official PAX twitter. Honestly, you all should do the same. We have big news coming up for PAX Prime, but we will wait till all our drunken plans are set.

This week we are playing Battle Block Theater by The Behemoth. The game just recently came out on Steam for PC and Linux and we are glad to drink to it tonight. This game is great for all you platform lovers of co-op and competitive variety. They even have a fancy engine for players to create their own levels to share with friends (or enemies). Earn gems to unlock new costumes and yarn to unlock new weapons. Just get ready to see me get nice and drunk!

Now for our drinking game:

The best of friends: You made it to the end of the level without you and your friend dying so take a drink.
Looking Cool: Unlock a new costume or weapon and of course take your drink
You suck: If your team mate happens to kill you take a drink
Perfectionist: Collect all the gems, yarn, and beat the level in time take three drinks
Repetition: If you hear a line by The Narrator more than once take a drink

You can see us get silly tonight from 8:00pm to 9:00pm eastern on Twitch TV. Keep it boozy you crazy indies!

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