Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let's Drink to Battle Block Theater: Return of the John

It's another Thursday and I still ask "Where are my PAX Prime tickets!!!" I know I need to calm down before the drinking rage gets to me. Speaking of Tuesday the other half of Indies Need Booze, John, passed out due to his new job so he missed the stream earlier this week. Who can blame him?  Sometimes you just want to come home from work, grab a cold one, and fall asleep. Well, since people were expecting a co-op stream-- we are doing Battle Block Theater again. Same rules, but more of the drinking you have come to love.

Instead of describing the game again, lets talk about awesome news coming from Battle Block Theater. Just recently some indies have been getting involved with the juggernaut game known as DOTA 2. The narrator from Stanley Parable can now be purchased to make your announcer sound even cooler. What first started as a joke has ended up being a reality as Mr. Stamper (narrator for BBT) himself said if he got more than 100 re-tweets he would throw his hat in the ring and become an announcer for DOTA 2. It is now a reality, but we are hoping this DLC comes sooner than later. This is another game I have to actually play and try out.  Maybe we'll do a stream... maybe. 

Now for the drinking game... again:
The best of friends: You made it to the end of the level without you and your friend dying so take a drink.
Looking Cool: Unlock a new costume or weapon and of course take your drink
You suck: If your team mate happens to kill you take a drink
Perfectionist: Collect all the gems, yarn, and beat the level in time take three drinks
Repetition: If you hear a line by The Narrator more than once take a drink

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