Thursday, May 8, 2014

Let's Drink to Broforce

It's that time of the week! Before we get into Let's Drink part, this week has been crazy for video game announcements! With Super Time Force, Battle Block Theater (Steam), Transistor, and Hack N Slash we will have plenty of great content to be creating drinking games for. I just wish I had a bigger wallet and more time in the day to play these! May is turning out to be a damn good month for gaming.

This week we got Broforce. Get ready for a trip down memory lane in action films and video games. Bodies will fly and battle grounds will be destroyed as you journey to take down mercenaries and the devil. This game is can get difficult because each bro can only take one hit. If you enjoy watching things explode and even character references to such great films as Evil Dead or Robocop, then you really need to get this game ASAP. Right now the game is in Early Access, but don't let that stop you from supporting them!

Now for our Broforce drinking game!

Bro in Black:  The Bro in Black is all we need. Take a drink every time you get Jay.
Mission Failed:  Every time you lose a mission take a drink.
Bromance: Don't lost a single bro in a level then take a drink
Fastest Bro in the land: Finish a level in under 1:00 then take a drink
Expendable:  Every time you see a character that was in The Expendables take a drink

Again our live stream is tonight from 8:00 pm to about 9:00 pm eastern. See you all on the Twitch side!

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