Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Enter for a chance to be apart of our Drunken Indie Showcase

It's that time again! Time to show off your game of the video, board, or card variety! The rules are simple, but this year there will be only one winner. We have other developers to announce, but this year we are only picking one big winner to be apart of our Indies Need Booze. Here are the rules.

  • To enter first make sure you purchase a ticket to our event (Free, $10 or $30). If you are using a different email to enter the contest than from what you purchased the ticket with let us know. 
  • Your game must have a playable demo.  We need to check out your awesome game before we include it.  If you can not send us a demo, then you can not enter. 
  • Deadline for entering your game into us is August 1st. 
  • Send your emails to gaminginpublic@yahoo.com
Here are some suggestions to take into consideration when you are entering your game. 
  • This is a party, so we choose games that go well with booze and loud crowds. 
  • Please leave any instructions on installing or controls for your game. 
  • Keep your emails short and to the point... we have a lot to read
After August 1st, we will feature all the games competing to show at our event. Yes, we will actually play all the games that get sent to us and feature them on indiesneedbooze.com, our facebook page, and everywhere else we can think of.  We are constantly inebriated and exhibit poor judgment on a regular basis, but we will do everything we can to give everyone a fair chance at winning the contest.

Good luck developers!

Sincerely, Jacob and John 

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