Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lets Drink to Catalteral Damage

After a short break, we are finally back into the swings of things. We had to take a teensy lil hiatus in order to get all our boozy eggs in one drunkenly woven basket. If you didn't already know, Indies Need Booze is coming to PAX Prime in a big way. I mean BIG!  We got our own bar! Not just a corner section of the bar, but the whole damn bar! Join us August 28th at Capital Cider from 9pm to 2am for a night of indie gaming, booze, and a few other surprises we have up our sleeves.

Tonight on Twitch TV from 7pm to 8pm join us for our first game being shown in our Drunken Indie Showcase Catlateral Damage. Right now you can pledge to this game on Kickstarter. It's a game about being a sadistic creatures we call  a "cat" and knocking over as many things as you can.  You know those cute internet videos of cats acting like complete A-holes by knocking stuff over and then looking at you like, "That's right.  I did that.  NOW PICK IT UP, HUMAN!"  It's like that, but you destroy an entire house.

Fire Hose Games will be joining us at Indies Need Booze (You know, the party at PAX Prime!) to show us their new game! This will be a chance to drink with the developers and, of course, play the game. Can you drink beer on the floor show floor at PAX? I don't think so!

Make sure to tune in next week for new nuggets of goodness about Indies Need Booze.

Again, we really need everyone's help in spreading the word about Indies Need Booze. So far we have sold  25 tickets, which is a good start, but a long way from our goal of filling out this bar.  We want this party to blow the pants off our last party and that is going to be tough considering how many awesome people came out to party at PAX East!  PAX Prime... are you really going to let PAX East show you up like that?

Friends don't let friends miss out on awesome parties with Indie Developers.  These are some of the coolest people you will ever meet.  So, buy a ticket, come party, and support some great indies!  Plus, there will be prizes, videogames, and ... beer.

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