Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Sponsors and a whole lot of new swag!

A lot of you are probably wondering, "what's been cooking over at Indies Need Booze?" We have been a bit silent in the past weeks, but we have tons of new things to let the drunken public know!

We are happy to announce that now each ticket you purchase comes with an extra game!  That's [insert math here] more game time! Drunken Indie Passes will come with two game codes and a flask, while the Extremely Drunken Indie Passes come with four game codes, a flask, and a t-shirt!

We have Lantana Games and Structure Gaming sponsoring us with game codes to Children of Liberty on Steam right now! Children of Liberty blends classic 2D gameplay into a 3D world. Run, sneak, and turn your way through the streets of Colonial Boston in a stealth adventure like no other. 

But wait, there's more! -- 

If you didn't think things could get any more drunktastic (sure, let's go with that), we have an even better offer for everyone who purchased a Extremely Drunken Indie Pass. You not only get a flask, but a flask from our next sponsor at Ink Whiskey! It's shaped like an old school Nintendo cartridge and conceals all your booze in style.  How fucking cool is that?! 

Again, if you purchased an Extremely Drunken Indie Pass please make sure to fill out our t-shirt survey over at our website by August 3rd. If you purchase a ticket after August 3rd you can choose between small, medium, and large shirts which are first come first serve. If you'd kindly gaze above at that glorious t-shirt Jacob is wearing you can bask in the awesomeness that comes with your Extreme Drunken Indie Pass.

Finally, all the developers out there who want to compete in our Drunken Indie Showcase have until August 1st to reach for glory. All you need is a ticket, a demo for us to play, and you will be entered into our competition to show at our event!  

Sincerely, Jacob and John. 

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