Monday, October 13, 2014

Kickstart it! Elegy for a Dead World.

I am a big supporter of Kickstarter projects. It's given so many developers the opportunity to go full time and quit their day jobs. I hope that by highlighting all the good projects out there that we can make some dreams come true.

Now to be honest, I do have a bias, since I do know the people over at Dejobaan games. Though with that out way, we should talk about why you should pledge to this game. Originally Elegy for a Dead World started off as a week long project between Dejobaan Games and Popcannibal. What they ended up creating was a game called Elegy for a Dead World, about creating your own unique stories and sharing them with the world.

Though it's not a completely open ended story you are writing. The game is more about intrpreting what you see on the screen. What one person might see as a stone statue, someone might consider to be the ancient race of stone people. Think more mad libs, but with poetic justice added, and some stunning artwork! The game takes places over three worlds, but can enjoyed many times over by creating different story lines each time!

What I am looking forward to with this project are the extremes people will take their interpretation of their surroundings. Sometimes, the greatest ideas in the gaming industry are created by someone experiencing the game, rather then the developer themselves.

Though Dejobaan and Popcanninbal really need your help! Only seven days left to raise a total of $48,000. As you all know it's not about how much you pledge, but the fact that you did to make Elegy for a Dead World a reality!

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