Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lethal League Impressions

Lethal League is a game that I have been meaning to play for the past few weeks. With everything coming together for our Indies Need Booze announcement coming November 4th I thought I would take the time out this week to talk about Lethal League. Just to start Lethal League is a fighting game for one to four players locally or online. The twist is instead of beating each other to death you hit a ball to destroy your enemies.

 Now I love fighting games and what makes this game so great is the fact that it's simple. Literally there are only three buttons to master, jump, hit, and bunt. The fact that I can plug in a game pad and play this game also makes my life a whole lot easier since player with a controller. After a few rounds I got the hang of the controllers which of course are easy to learn but hard to master.

Now for me to really judge how good the game is I can't really judge this game by it's online experience. I had to enlist Lucy my partner in crime to play two player with me. Now we didn't try out free for all since this was literally a co-op experience we wanted out of the game. Let me tell you playing the game like this was nothing but a blast.

Now the game only gets crazier the longer the round gets. Each time you hit the ball it increases in speed. At a certain point it gets so fast that you can't even follow the movements of it unless you have a really good eye for fast moving objects. Literally this led to Lucy and I mashing the hit button until we got lucky enough to hit it back at the opposing team.

Also to try out my luck I also attempted to play the game online as well just for kicks and giggles. For starters you can search for free for all games or one on one games. Though my only gripe is I wish I could play team games online and not just off. Even though I am not the greatest at the game it was a ton of fun to play. Even after losing a lot of matches the game was still a ton of fun! Games didn't drop out for me or experience any horrible lag.

The characters are also charming in their own rights. A Boy with a bat named Raptor, a robot with a skateboard named Twitch, a funny head shaped character named Candy Man, a giant hammer purple haired girl named Sonata, and finally a cyborg crocodile named Latch. Each character has it's on unique abilities which leads to exciting matches. Latch has the most interesting ability where he eats the ball and spits it out on command! The good news is special abilities can't be abused during matches since you have to hit the ball four times in a row in order to even use your special.

Even by myself Lethal league is a blast. It's simple enough to learn but impossible to master. The speed and pace of the game make it a perfect for playing with friends. You can purchase the game right now on Steam or even on the Humble Store. It's a must have purchase for anyone who enjoys fighting or party games!

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