Tuesday, October 28, 2014

ScreenCheat Impressions

I grew up loving classic first person shooters. Doom, Quake, and Goldeneye are some of my favorites. It was my pleasure to get a chance to sit down and play ScreenCheat. It's a first person shooter for one to four players, but the twist is that you can't see the enemies on your screen. The way you find other players is by looking at the other players screen. The great part is it has local and online multiplayer. It takes a good eye to manage your character while watching three other player screens, but hey we all did in Goldeneye... right?

First thing you might be asking is how the online works if the other players aren't there. For each player that is in the game it splits the screen into that many squares. I suggest playing the game with at least three to four people. Two player games seem to drag out a bit and a lot of the excitement of the game comes from managing multiple screens at the same time. The online experience was perfect.  I had no issues with lag which is key in a game like this.

Finding a random online game is another thing I suggest you avoid. The magic this game provides is bringing the coach experience you had as a kid back to life. I invited a few other friends to play with me online and that's when the game got interesting. Nothing is better then swinging at my friend Steve with a Candelabra.

The weapons are also what makes this game fun! Rather then just pick up weapons, you choose between a variety of weapons each time you re-spawn. A lot of standard weapons you use are run of the mill items, but the few stand outs are Chefolet Pulse Cannon, and the Hobby Horse. If you really want you can even limit matches to a single weapon.

My favorite game mode so far is Capture the Fun. It's a twist on capture the flag in which you pick up a piñata. The trick is to be the first person to hold the piñata until you reach 80 points. The best part of this game mode is the piñata also acts as a weapon. Nothing makes your weekend like beating your friends into submission with a piñata!

My one issue with the game is the amount of flexibility you have with changing the match settings. I would love to see future updates for the game that would allow people to share their own custom game modes or having a random weapon option for each time you re-spawn. The crazier the options for this game the better! Though this issue doesn't really make the game bad, but it's just something that could be added later to increase the replay value.

In all, ScreenCheat is the game everyone should be picking up if they have friends that come over or play games with online. In fact just go ahead and by the four pack right now and stop listening to your friends giving excuses for not playing this game with you. Online or offline this game brings back the best mechanics of old school first person shooters (cheating!). You should go ahead and purchase the game on Steam, Humble Store, or GoG.

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