Thursday, November 13, 2014

Coin Crypt Impressions

Coin Crypt is a game about magical coins, randomly generated worlds, and management. It's a game that plays out like a pokemon card battle except those cards mean so much more then just attacking.  They determine your fate throughout the whole game. Every move you make could be your last as your goal is to create the perfect collection of coins to defeat enemies, unlock treasures, and buy new items.

The game isn't really meant to be beaten in one go. It's a hard game and the further you go the harder it gets to defeat enemies. Everything is based around a system of coins and when you spawn you are given a small amount of coins. Though walking through the world you find chests which contain coins to add to your collection. Think of it like playing Magic The Gathering except your deck is built by finding chests. Each time you get into battle you use your coins to battle other enemies. Once a coin is used it can not be used again, so it's important to keep looking for chests around the world. There are no levels in the game, so your character progresses by finding better coins to use.

The cool thing about the game is the coins do different things. Most obvious is you can attack and defend with them, but they do plenty of other things. Healing, increased speed, attacking twice, and stealing are just a few of the other abilities you get from finding coins in the world. Coins are also used to purchase items in game as well.  Each coin can be sold in order to purchase items for your character. There are some coins that can even unlock areas that you couldn't reach before.

 Now... you will die a lot. The game isn't easy by any stretch. Once you die it tallies up all the coins you collected and gives you a dollar amount for you to buy new characters. Each character has different abilities. For instance, my favorite character casts coins faster, but cannot stack coins. Stacking coins is when you have two of the same coin and can be used at the same time.  It sucks that I can't use two coins at the same time, but my strategy is to defeat enemies as fast as possible!

My one gripe with this game are the controls. Not the mouse controls, which are perfect in my opinion.  Just playing the game with the mouse is awesome, but most of my gaming is done with a controller and it felt a bit off. Moving around felt fine, but I felt a bit lost during battles. To cast spells with a controller you hold the button of the spell you want to cast then hit right trigger. Honestly, I just wish it was just as easy as hitting the button twice or holding it to cast. Again, this doesn't make the game horrible.... just play with your mouse.

This is a game you should buy if you enjoy a good challenge. The best part is that you play the way you want to play. Want to run around and try and avoid combat and collect coins... go for it! If you would rather kill everything in sight and be a bad ass... you can do that as well. Right now you can get the game off of Steam and you most certainly should.

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