Friday, November 28, 2014

Crawl Impressions

Crawl is a game of competition and co-op all at the same time. One player is a human who fights enemies, while three other players are ghosts. The ghosts' job is to kill the human in order to regain there humanity back and become the human. That player then becomes a ghost and tries to fight to become the human again. The goal of the game is to defeat a boss that you only have three tries to kill. After the third time, if the boss is not defeated, the ghosts win and human is the winner. If you're lucky enough to beat the final boss, the human is the winner!

Simple enough, yes. Though the game has a great amount of depth in order to reach your goals. Let's start off with being a ghost. As a ghost you can control traps that damage humans, such as an arrow launcher, spike trap, and many more you unlock by playing more of the game. Where the game gets interesting is the monsters you can conjure up by moving your ghost over a red pentagram. When you start the game you pick a passive skill that comes with three preassigned monsters. Every time you use a pentagram it creates one of your three monsters at random. At the end of each level of the dungeon you can upgrade each individual monster into new ones.

The Human player is more of a tank that can take a bit more damage as well as level up unlike the ghosts. As a human you earn gold which can be used at the shop to buy new weapons, potions, and even skills. While a ghost you also earn blood which can be converted until gold once you become the human. It's a nice touch as it merges your experience between the world of the living and the dead.

Controls are super easy to learn. You could play with a keyboard but the best way to play this game is with a controller. You have a basic attack and a special attack and that's all you need to know. To posses traps just simply hit basic attack and hit it once more to attack. Crawl is easy to pick up and play for anyone but yet hard to master.

My one suggestion for the game is for them to add online multiplayer. Now, the game provides bots which can be set on easy, medium, or hard. The AI is pretty spot on and isn't hard enough to the point you blame the game for you losing. Though nothing really replaces playing game with your friends online. In my case trying to raise kids and find the time to get my friends to physically come over is a little big hard for me so online multiplayer would be nice.

Verdict: Crawl is a must own whether you have friends to play with or not. Take the chance to fight your way to salvation in this unique game. This game is still in early access but it's worth every single penny you put into it now. You can purchase the game right now on Steam.

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