Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fotonica Impressions

Fotonica is a game of speed. Not just normal speed, but feeling like a super human who can run up to 140 mph. Though instead of the game letting you run in any direction, it points you forward and asks you to "run like the wind".  Also simple controls let you pick literally any button on the keyboard or mouse to control your character.

The game plays out in first person, so it really feels like you are in the shoes of the fastest man on earth. By holding the button you begin to speed up and by letting go you jump. While in the air you hold the button down to fall back down to the ground. The longer you run the faster you go and once you hit a certain speed the screen turns a bright yellow and gets even harder. Though the simple objective is to just make it to the end of the level without falling to your doom. It is easier said then done.

On top of that you get a high score for each level. You achieve more points by collecting pink orbs in each level and completing each level as quickly as possible. These scores are then added to the leader boards online where you can compare with top scores world wide or with your friends. There are four different difficulty settings for the game over a total of five levels.

What's most impressive is a local competitive mode for two to four players. Each players picks one button on the keyboard or mouse and races to the finish to see who is the fastest player.  Instead of seeing another player you see a colored line which represents where they are. It's a nice touch changing up competing just for high score with personal bragging rights amongst your friends. 

Fotonica is pleasing on the eyes and ears as well! The game doesn't go for a realistic setting, but creates a super fast paced wire-frame world. Platforms pop out of the back round and the world feels alive with it's simple, but vibrant tones. The music is just perfect as you fly through the air jumping from platform to platform.

The game is short, but it's something that is mastered over time. It's totally worth your time and effort to try and master the art of being the fastest runner alive. With simple controls and visuals that please the eyes, Fotonica is something you should pick up. You can purchase the game right now on Steam.

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