Sunday, November 2, 2014

Interview with Micael Molinari creator of Choice Chamber

I had a chance over the past few weeks to play a game called Choice Chamber. It's a 2D platformer that lets players decide the fate of the person who is playing. You can play over the internet with your friends of course but what makes this game unique is that its meant to be played over Twitch. Just link it up right to your twitch channel and let the people watching decide your fate. I had the chance to ask a few questions to Michael Molinari the creator of Choice Chamber.

So where did you get your start in games before Choice Chamber?

I've been making games since before highschool, but you could say it started professionally after college. I was working for Namco's US mobile team for a couple years doing all sorts of art-based things, including prototyping new ideas in Flash. After that I went fully independent, Choice Chamber being my third commercial release.

How long has Choice Chamber been in development for?

The idea came to me in December of 2013. Since then, I've mostly been working on it fulltime, aside from a month running the Kickstarter, a month traveling Asia, a month moving across the country, etc.

Twitch is matching the funding you raised on Kickstarter for the game how did that come about?

I met the Twitch dev relations guy Brooke at a little developer showcase during GDC 2014. He was super interested in the idea and wanted to support it however he could. Twitch not only helped fund the Kickstarter, but they're also responsible for promoting it during the campaign to spread awareness much further than I ever could.

What decisions do people usually choose for the player? Are they nice are usually go for making the game harder for them. 

The people playing from the chat always start off mean, making things super difficult. Then once you get a game over, their empathy kicks in and they go easy on you. But then you're not losing enough, so they make it harder, and the cycle repeats indefinitely. People love picking the "pogo" jump, which forces you to jump constantly. They also like maxing out your health when possible, as they want you to endure their challenges.

This is game is meant to be played by using Twitch but does it have a limit for the people who can participate?

There is no limit to how many people can play along in the chat. One time we had a popular streamer play to a chat of 10,000 people, which comes out to hundreds of thousands of players in an hour or two. It was a great stress test on the game, and luckily it didn't break!

Do you personally enjoy playhing the game yourself on Twitch or with you personal friends online?

I don't really play my games with my personal friends, but I certainly play them with the community of friends / fans I've been making through promoting my work around the Internet. There are always regulars who stop by my chat whenever I play, so it's worth it to know they'll be there when I play.

Right now the game is in a working beta but any idea on when it will be released? Will it be on Steam?

We're aiming for release at the end of this year, but if things slip we'd like to still get it out as early as possible. No announcements for Steam right now, but we'll of course be aiming for it.

With twitch also being on consoles now do you see this game ever coming to Xbox One of Playstation 4?

It's always a possibility, but nothing's planned for the time being outside of PC and Mac.

You can pre-order the game and play the beta right now!

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