Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mini Metro Impressions

I am a child of the subway system. I used the subway to get from place to place throughout most of my life.  Occasionally, I would get mad over the layout, reach, and the locations of certain stops.  Certainly I could design a better system then this? Well, now I can finally live out my dream of creating my own subway system in Mini Metro! It's simple mechanics are what makes the game so fun and addictive to play.

To start Mini Metro has two difficulty settings, scenic and commuter. Scenic is for the casual player who wants to play a match for a few minutes. Commuter challenges the player by increasing the difficulty by limiting the amount of resources you get. I played most of the game on commuter because scenic matches seemed to be a little to easy for me. Though, playing the game on scenic is a good way to learn how to play the game since it doesn't feature a tutorial yet.

I suggest playing some tunes in the background since the game doesn't feature any music yet. Once you've decided your difficulty you can pick a location. My favorite location so far is New York City since I lived there for a year and I always wondered how my metro would turn out there. Though there are plenty of other locations like Paris, London, and even Hong Kong. There are more maps I haven't mentioned and still more that are locked only because this game is still in early access.

You play the game like you would look at a real life metro map. Each round starts off with three locations on the map which are represented by shapes. You have a limited supply of resources which are rails, carriages, tunnels, and trains. When you build a line just click and drag the mouse from shape to another. The line can even be extended to other shapes and go over water as long as you have a tunnel.

On the top right hand side of the screen there's a little clock. Once the clock goes all the way around a day has passed and new locations pop up left and right. It's your job to figure out how to extend the lines in order to best serve your customers. Customers show up as tiny shapes to show you which station they want to get to. If you're not meeting the needs of your customers and a station fills up you have a very limited amount of time to empty the station before the game is over. The objective is not to win, but to see how far you can get.

For a game that isn't even finished I am addicted! I played for two hours straight and didn't realize the time after I played. You keep telling yourself one more and you end up keep playing. For an early access game with no music and a good bit of content missing it's better than most finished games. Please if you are reading this buy this game on Steam right now.  You'll thank me later.

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