Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Monster Loves You Impressions

I love the shit out of this game.  I really do.  And it's shameful because I know some of the people who made it.  Monster Loves You is a cartoonie, choice driven, RPGesque, lineage simulator.  That's enough explanation.  Just go play.

For those of that are still here.  Sit down and let me tell you a story about a monster.  He was kind-hearted, brave, known for the occasionally outburst of violence, and sneaky as fuck.  Maybe I shouldn't swear.  Do kids read this site?

Moving on.  He was born in a pool of ooze.  He helped his fellow monsterlings to shore when they couldn't swim well.  He also would return later and eat some of them.  He would throw rocks at people, poke people in the eye, steal toys, and stand tall against the scariest ghost.

As an adult he had to prove himself a monster.  He had to prove he had guts and cunning.  He had to chose whether to chase down that weird animal and eat it so he could get magical powers for no particular reason.  Did I make that last part up?  I can't remember.  And in the end you go back into the ooze... or not.  You can pass on your genes-- Your choices to the next generation of monsterlings and spawn your own little demon babies.

It's very casual, very funny, and a lot of adventure.  It's on steam right now for cheap.

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