Monday, November 17, 2014

RIP Impressions

Now what I should be calling this is "RIP may this game rest in peace". I am big fan of early access games, but this game is a prime example of what not to do on early access.  There is some light in this tunnel, but you have to really dig it out with spoon for about a week.

Where is the good news in this game? Well... it's pretty. I mean most games built in Unreal are a sight to look at. Pretty papers blowing in the wind. Oh look physics, lets shoot the hell out of this barrel! OMG it exploded!!!  The sound work is pretty impression as well. A gun that actually sounds and feels like a real gun!  The best part of the game is to sit down with some surround sound headphones and turn up the sound effects!

Now for the rest of this article, which is the bad, get ready to have no general idea of how the game even functions. There's no proper tutorial so I had to find a tutorial video online. Even after watching it you will still have no idea how matches are won or lost. The video says to destroy the enemy turrets, but do I have to destroy them all?  Maybe?

This game is trying to merge a MOBA with a FPS. Pretty much what that means is to take Counter Strike's purchasing system and mix it with Battle Field 4's objective maps. In those terms, the game isn't really ground breaking and there are a lot of things that could be done to focus it more on being a MOBA then another generic military FPS.  Maybe instead of just buying weapons you can have skills like increased reloading, increased damage, bigger explosions, or anything that would make this game a bit more exciting.

Now here's where I lay out the insanity that I went through because no one is even playing the game. I sit down and log into a server and waited two hours for just one guy. He was my best friend for a solid five minutes. I could finally play this horrible game! Yes, I can finally use this AK-47 that I saved up for an hour. Two kills in a row-- I am the master of this game! I am on top of the world! After about two kills in a row my best friend, that one guy, left the game wondering to himself, "Why did I buy this again?" With only two servers to choose from (yes, literally two) and no one in the world other than myself on this game I knew I wasn't only person who got burned.  Also, did I mention the few words I tried typing out to him didn't show up unless I looked at a dark corner. The text just blends in with your background.

 Finally, this game has a menu system that makes no sense. First off, the search for server button doesn't work so you have to select the random server button. Guess what the random server button icon is? If you guessed dice then you're right. Then at the bottom right hand section there's an icon with hands shaking and another with three people.  When you click on either of these icons they do absolute nothing and don't even give you a text box when you scroll over them to indicate what they do.

This is an early access game, but seriously don't buy the game in it's state as is. This game is far from ready for public consumption.  Luckily, most of the problems seem fixable. In a few months I will give this game a second chance because the ideas the game presents are pretty cool since I love FPS and MOBA games! Just don't waste your $14.99 on this hot mess until they can put in some work.

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