Monday, November 3, 2014

Viscera Cleanup Detail Impressions

Ever wonder what it would be like to cleanup a disaster. Not just any disaster, but bloody disasters full of bullets, body parts, soda cans, and of course blood smeared messages all over the walls. It's your job to clean up these disasters to the best of your abilities. With only your hands, a mop, and a blood detector you must clean like you've never cleaned before.

As a janitor of horrible jobs, you must have a cool office. It's filled with closets, extra buckets, mops, and even the trophies you collect from your jobs.  Sounds cool, right?  It gets better!  Okay, maybe not. The office does nothing more then hold your achievements and maybe if your lucky enough you can get an employee of the month award.

Now it's time to get to work. I suggest starting off with a small job which can range from spending forty five minutes cleaning an area to as long as two hours. Now this seems like a lot of time, but what is nice you can save your progress so you can leave a job and come back to it. Now if you can actually sit down long enough to finish one complete two hour job then more power to you, but I suggest you break it into pieces.

Using the mop is one of the most satisfying things. When you see a mess of blood just attack it with your mop until it disappears. Be careful, a fully bloody mop spreads blood all over the map so you make sure you bring a bucket with you or you'll make it worse! Use the bucket enough times then you'll have a bucket full of bloody water which will also cause a clean mop to spread more blood across the map. Even knocking over your bucket causes blood to spill all over the floor. The game really captures a realistic feel of actually cleaning up bloody messes.  Well, I would imagine.

The other part of the equation with cleaning is picking up trash. Trash can range from picking up body parts, nuclear waste bins, and even bullets. (Note: if you step on bloody body parts you will get blood on your feet and track blood around.) You can pick up giant waste bins to put all your trash in. This is a good thing to keep on hand since you don't want to carry each trash piece by piece. How do you dispose of all this trash? Well, the only way we know how is to burn it! There's a giant incinerator on every map which you dump your bins into. Once it's full close it and watch your trash go up into flames!

I found this game to be quite mundane by myself, but the magic of this game is playing with your friends.  Having your friend help you clean twice as fast can make the game more exciting or he can be a total jerk and mess up everything you had already cleaned.  I tried playing the game alone and it just wasn't as fun as playing it online with my friends.

This is an early access game, so it still has a lot of work to go. Each job has a computer where you tell it if your done with your job or not. Depending upon how well you clean you can get fired, a trophy for fine work, or even employee of the month!  What confused me is how far I was in cleaning.  There is no percent complete on screen. There's no real way in knowing how far you are with your work until you hit the button saying your work is complete. Though in real life your cleaning has no real meter, so I understand the direction they are taking with the game.  

There were a lot of things I had to learn on my own since there was no tutorial.  Again, it's an early access game, so in future updates I assume they will be adding one. The game isn't super complicated so it won't take you forever to learn the game, but expect an hour of confusion before you really understand the game fully.

Viscera Cleanup Detail is a game that's not for everyone. If you are looking to play a game online with friends then this is something that is totally worth your time playing. If you can't get a hold of your friends to play this game (you you don't have any?) then I would wait till the game is completely finished.  If you have the patience to finish a job the mop physics alone will make your face light up!

You can purchase the game right now on Steam.


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