Thursday, December 25, 2014

Black Ice Impressions

Black Ice is a first person shooter set in a world that feels like Tron. You are hacker that must hack your way through other corporations servers. What's great about this game is you choose the way you progress by selecting each server to attack. Though each server puts up a challenge by sending waves of enemies at you. Also with online multiplayer a game like this can be enjoyed with friends as you take on the challenge of becoming the strongest hacker.

You become a stronger hacker by killing enemies from each server. Once you level up you can upgrade your skills like damage, health, and hacking speed. What's interesting is that the game has other skills you can upgrade like your chances to find better loot, and also increase your chances to do a critical hit. The tougher the enemies are the more experience you get.

Each server you hack you get loot. The loot you can use are lasbreaks, icebreakers, weapons, and  summoning monsters. What's interesting are the slots. There are no specific slots for your items, but  you have a limited number to work with. You can customize it so much that you can even remove the run and jump skills. This can allow you to summon even more monsters or have even greater hacking skills.

The other great point about this game is something that you'll learn to watch called RAM. RAM is used for attacks, summoning monsters, and lasbreakers. Having more RAM allows you to attack more often and summon more monsters. Though once you run out of RAM during a battle you can no longer attack till you regenerate more of it. You can do that by equipping lasbreakers, or icebreakers with increased RAM regeneration. You can also upgrade it each time you level up.

Online play is good. It didn't crash on me once during my time playing. Also the game runs smoothly with very few moments of lag that ruined the game. There's even a PVP mode that allows you to play against your friends, but I found the game to be more fun played as a co-op experience.

One problem with the game is that their is really no overall goal of the game yet other than to level up. Even if they threw generic missions like going after the largest server in the room I would have enjoyed that a bit more than wondering around aimlessly. I found myself wondering around for a minute or two once I got to higher levels trying to find servers that were not to hard but yet not to easy. Again this stuff doesn't really make the game bad, but it's something the developer can look into before the game is completely finished.

Verdict is that this is a game you should be playing. I found myself playing for hours on end. I just kept wanting to level up, and seeing what amazing pieces of loot I could find! If you don't own it I suggest buying 4-pack on Steam and gifting the rest to your friends. There's nothing more enjoyable than a game with so much freedom to customize, and provides an amazing loot system as well.

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