Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Final Rush Impressions

Final Rush is a first person shooter set in the year 2017. You're a trained military officer sent to fight off massive waves of robots. How many waves you ask? Fifteen waves in all and each more difficult then the last! You can team up with up to three friends to play online and test your skills against the hordes of robots.

The game plays similarly to killing floor. You start off by picking a weapon like an assault rifle, sniper rifle, or a shotgun. Each round throws a certain number of robots at you and if you kill them all you advance to the next round. Each time you kill a robot you use the points earned to purchase more weapons, ammo, and health. The game is unforgiving so you'll have to use your credits wisely in order to survive every last wave.

You can earn an even higher score by killing enemies in different ways. Kill multiple enemies and earn even more credits. Get a head shot earn even more! The higher your score gets the game rewards you with extra ammo, lives, and health. It challenges you to kill the robots in interesting ways like waiting for them to walk by an explosive barrel then shooting it to watch their metallic bodies explode!

The variety in enemy types are nice. When you start off you fight off the basic walking robot who just swings his arms at you. Then the game starts adding robots with guns which can pose a serious challenge. The best part is they come from all directions so you can't just merely duck in a corner and shoot since the robots can come out from any door. The best approach is to run, and take your time with a decent shot.

One issue with the game was the AI for the robots. For the most part they were pretty intelligent attacking you from all directions except for one key moment.  When a mass amount of robots try to fit in a doorway they all get stuck allowing you to shoot them without being attacked. Another time the robots also got stuck on the geometry of the map leaving them wide open to be attacked.

Another issue is the length of a match. In a thirty minute time frame I didn't get through I couldn't get through all Fifteen rounds or died way before then. The game makes up for this by having a level system when you take your overall score earned in game and use them for passive upgrades. This is helpful because when you start out the game you almost feel like a sitting duck. You can upgrade yourself over three tiers from snipers, shotguns, and assault rifles. Still I wish there was a way to lower the waves to ten instead of fifteen.

Final Rush is is still in development, but here's one thing I think they could add to make the game better. Unlike Killing Floor Final Rush enemies don't react to the bullet damage. It can be frustrating to shoot enemies perfectly without any knowledge of how well you are doing. I wish there was an animation like sparks flying to show that you successfully hit a robot.

Besides all the issues Final Rush is actually a decent game to play. There adding more content as the months pass along, so it's worth the money to pick up. If you are a fan of Killing Floor or co-op first person shooters then you should purchase this game. You can buy the game right now on Steam. 


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