Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Free Patron Game of December: Letters From Secret Santa

For anyone who hasn't become a patron yet where have you been for the past month? So far we are up to $42 a month which is pretty awesome. 10% of those funds will be donated to Able Gamers Foundation and the other 20% will be given to High Class Kitsch creators of Pandora: Purge of Pride. Again this Patreon campaign we are running is to help us raise awareness for our webiste and for us to be able to afford our next major event.

This month Letters From Secret Santa is an exclusive to all our patrons for the month of December. Taro Omiya of Omiya Games works for himself at a small indie collective Tech Valley Game Space. Instead of renting out a full office Taro rents out a space that he shares with nine fellow developers who are also working on projects.You can check out all of Taro's work on his website and also support his Patreon as well.

We gave Taro the theme of the "The Holidays" and created a small game jam just for him! Taro came back with a game he created in seven days called Letters From Secret Santa. It's a charming platformer where you play as a child jumping on the words from letters written to Secret Santa. The neat thing is that each level is a different date from when the letters were sent. You learn more about the child's likes and dislikes throughout each puzzle you solve. Again if you wish to download this game you must become a patron.

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