Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gang Beasts Impressions

Gang Beasts is something truly special.  It can fit safely in a group of games that are local multiplayer perfection.  Even if it had online play, it wouldn't work as well.  It's really about stupid fun-- Murderous stupid fun in which you scream obscenities at your friends as they throw your limp body over the edge into a fire pit... but wait!  You grab on to them and yell, "You're coming with me, fucker!"  

This is a physics based pugilist type of affair.  Currently, there are a few levels in which to brawl.  They are all fairly interesting and have dangers abound.  The controls are simple, but hard to master.  You can jump, kick, punch, grab, lift, and play dead.  There is even a way to climb if you can figure it out. 

I was recently paid a visit by a few friends in which we broke out this bad ass game and had a drunken good time.  This game isn't finished, but it's still a wonderfully good time with a few drunk friends. 

I will certainly keep this one in my back pocket for whenever I have a few friends over.  It currently goes up to 8 player!  That, my friends, would be insane.  The game is currently available on Steam Early Access

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