Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One Finger Death Punch Impressions

One Finger Death Punch is a game about timing. Instead of game giving you millions of buttons to memorize all the actions during combat boil down to hitting the "X" or "B" button. All the coolest moves you could ever imagine a stick figure doing are all done by pressing just one button. Though this doesn't make the game easy as you'll have to fight your way through massive waves of enemies. This game isn't for your friend who constantly button mashes at fighting games.

Lets get the worst part of the game out of the way, which is everything that isn't game play looks bad. The art style from the menus looks nothing like the art from the game whatsoever. It's like night and day between both parts. For instance the opening screen has a realistic art style for the characters making it seem like you'll be a bad ass not a stick figure. The worst menu probably has to be the level select screen has a floating realistic head as your icon rather than using the game play art. Mainly the whole game just should have been done with stick figure art and it still would have been awesome.

Even though it felt weird seeing all those horrible menus it didn't ruin the game. Where the game truly shines is game play. As I was saying before the controls are as simple as pressing "X" or "B". Enemies come at you from two directions so by pressing X you attack to the left and by press B you attack to the right. Though you only attack once that come within range of your melee attacks. You can increase your range by picking up weapons like swords, spears, daggers, and bows, but they all have limited use. The trick is to keep your chain of attacks going by not getting hit or missing a blow. At the end of each level you are rated on how well you do.

With over 250 levels their is more to do than just fight massive waves of enemies. Some levels force you to use one weapon type, fight a boss, or even destroy a certain number of objects in the level. My favorite level type so far is just regular mob. This is where they just send waves of enemies at you and you test your skills. It's also where you get to see gruesome slow mo attacks and cool martial arts!

Their are also plenty of skills to unlock as well in the game. You can choose from up to three skills to use at a time. For instance I use a skill that increases the amount of arrows I get when I pick up a bow. This skill allows me to kill enemies in one hit and from a great distance. You unlock skills by beating certain levels on the map. Though it will take you awhile to unlock them all their are 250 levels in all to beat.

No matter how bad it's menus look this game is addictive. It's way to much stupid fun! Imagine playing the cinematic scene of a big AAA game but with even more action and precise button skills. The games makes killing stick figures simple and satisfying! Personally I suggest picking up the game on Indie Game Stand a great website for indie games and you also get a Steam key as well!

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