Thursday, December 11, 2014

Road Redemption Impressions

Do you remember the good old days of gaming? Road Redemption is a game that brings us back to  the classic game play of Road Rage but in full 3D. It's more than just a copy of Road Rage but a re-imagination with experience to gain and money to spend. Get ready for a game filled with so much action that you will be on the edge of your seat.

Let's start off with bad things in the game. It's early access so a lot of these issues will be finished once the game is fully released. When they're lot of things going on at once the game can freeze for a second or two. This can be annoying when you finally get the hang of things. I ran into this issue mainly when the level with falling cars. The draw rate can be an issue where the road is literally coming into focus as you are driving. This doesn't affect game play to much, but it's just not a pretty sight to see. Finally their is an awkward load time between when a challenge ends and the menu for buying items comes up. At first you think the game has frozen up, but it's just a weird place for the game to be loading without any notification.

Now here's all the good things with this Road Redemption. It controls beautifully. I plugged in a controller which makes playing this game fun! You play it just like any other racing game, but you use the face buttons to attack your opponents. Switching out weapons is just as simple as using the d-pad. The right analog stick controls the camera which is key to use when you use any gun.

Road Redemption creates randomly generated levels each time you play it. Each level is different than the last. You could be racing in one level, defeating rival gangs, or destroying the cops in another. Each level also gets harder as you progress, so it challenges your skills. At the end of each level you earn cash and experience. Cash is used between games, and anything you buy doesn't transfer over once it's game over. Experience is used to acquire skills that you carry over even if you die. Skills range from more ammunition, increased melee damage, better starting weapons, and even starting at level three. To beat the campaign you must reach to final level without losing all your lives. Easier said then done.

What's a good game without decent racing and combat. Racing is as simple as holding down the right trigger to accelerate, and left trigger allows you to make tight turns. Racing isn't that simple when you have other people on motorcycles trying to beat the crap out of you. Using a melee weapon allows you to block oncoming attacks. If you deflect an attack you get a critical hit turning your driver red which allows you to deal massive damage. Each melee weapon has a certain amount of length, damage, and durability. When it comes to guns they just simply use bullets but makes driving even harder. Even though driving might be harder guns can deal massive amounts of damage. My favorite weapon is C4 which you attach directly to your enemies. This creates some fun moments of watching massive explosions as you speed by.

Road Redmeption generates some pretty crazy levels. My favorite level so far is when cars drop from the sky. At this point it tests your skills of driving, avoiding massive cars, and killing your enemies. It's even harder when the goal of the level ends up being a race, and I just cross my fingers that I don't die.

Even with all it's bugs Road Redemption is one of the most exciting games I've played in awhile. You are always on the edge of your seat bashing your enemies to death while trying to also win a race. It's intense and it's something that's totally worth your money. You can purchase the game on Steam right now.

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