Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Announcing the Drunken Indie Showcase!

After finally recovering from our hangovers we have a post MAGfest announcement.  Hopefully it makes sense as we are still a little out of it. Firstly, Thanks to everyone who came out to compete for the PS Vita!  It was a great and hilarious competition!  Our good friend, and fellow Gaming in Public member, Eric took home the grand prize which was signed by many indies just because we think it's funny to do so.   Eric is working on a game called Barkley 2. Check it out and tell all your gamer buddies.  Then, in a devious plan of marketing genius, get them drunk and send them out to bars to spread the word. Let us form armies of drunk indie gamers.  Let us go forth into the world and tell them of the everlasting glory and divinity of Barkley 2. We have the technology to do it!

Okay, Okay.  Now we get to the meat and potatoes of this post.

We are here to announce the Drunken Indie Showcase. It is something new we are trying out for our PAX East Party.  This is a chance for you, the indie developer, to show your game to an exclusive PAX East crowd full of indie developers, gamers, and press! Above all, this competition is free to enter and free to show. Though we do have a few rules and suggestions for you all. Yes, even drunkards have standards!

We are accepting submissions starting now!  I mean right now!  Get off your ass and start emailing us at gaminginpublic@yahoo.com!  Before you do, though, you should read the rules below!

1. To start, anyone can submit a game, but you must send us a playable demo or copy of the game. We are not accepting games that only have trailers.

2. Last day for submission is February 14th once it is the 15th we will no longer be accepting games.

3. On March 30th we announce three games that will be showing at Indies Need Booze in our Drunken Indie Show case. (Chosen by us of course.)

4. Once accepted, you show your game for free at our party! All we ask is that you bring a laptop and any other equipment you will need to show your games. We will provide you a table space to show your game. 

Those are the rules for entering, but now here are some suggestions from John and I when submitting a game.

1. We are picking games that can be played well in a social environment. This is a party, so games that have long tutorials we most likely wont accept.  (This doesn't mean your game is bad-- just a little too complex for this event)

2. Anything sent to will be played and considered, but we only have so much time to play each game. We will do our best to judge each game fairly and with the similar time restraints.

3. Most likely, we will be testing all these games out with a friend or two from Gaming in Public to get more opinions on the games.  This being said, if your game is multiplayer even better! (You won't lose points for submitting single player games)

4. Keep your email short. Explain your game, but be concise!

To end, we just want to ask everyone to spread the word. Plenty of free tickets still left, but our Drunken Indie Passes guarantees you entrance into our event complete with a goody bag from us! Also John and I have some raffle prizes just for people who buy our Drunken Indie Pass. If you have a free ticket you won't be entered into the raffle.

Again, stay classy and drunken my indie friends! We can't wait to play your submissions.

Sincerely, Jacob and John