Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Let's Drink to Castle Crashers with The Drunken Moogle

Welcome to another day of preparing your liver for an early grave!  Let's drink! Before we talk about the game we will play, let us introduce our guest Mitch from the Drunken Moogle. If you haven't heard about his website then get out from under your rock and start reading over there. Seriously! When you want to talk about the drunken masters of gaming, then look no further than Mitch.  You can find a link to his site in the side bar of our page if you somehow miss the links strewn about this post.

Now let's talk about the game. Castle Crashers is another game that I shouldn't have to introduce, but just in case you still are peaking out from under your rock I will explain. Castle Crashers is an amazing 4 player co-op or competitive adventure on XBLA, PSN, and Steam. It's created by The Behemoth, who created Alien Hominid and Battle Block Theater as well. Again, go check them out before you drink too much and forget what I wrote. 

Finally... the drinking game. I always do some research before I create a drinking game, but since Mitch has already created a pretty awesome drinking game for Castle Crashers I am going to cherry pick five rules that are essential to playing the game tomorrow. 

Mouth to Mouth: While a dead player is being revived, they must drink until brought back to life. 
Level Up: When a player levels up, they must sip as many times as their new level.
Hardcore Bully: Whomever gets the most kills in a round must drink for three seconds
Save The Princess: Whomever wins the princess battle must take three drinks
Elixir: Every time a potion is used take a drink

Don't forget the show starts Thursday from 8 pm to 9 pm est. Also come join our twitch stream for a chance to win a special Indies Need Booze flask!  

Monday, April 28, 2014

Let's Drink to Trials Fusion Twitch Stream

If you didn't already see, we are now bringing live streams twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Tuesday for right now is our goof off and drink session. This Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm we are playing Trials Fusion. If you have never played any game in the series, it's never too late to start.  It's all extreme obstacle course maneuvering on a motorcycles all while avoiding silly and painful looking crashes. Whether you play the game for best time or just want to see your body flail this is the drinking game for you.
  • Every three crashes take a drink. If you did it every crash trust me you would be hammered about twenty minutes in.
  • If you crash before you reach the first check point, you drink.
  • If you  miss a platform and fall to your death take a drink.
  • For a perfect run gives three drinks.
  • If you really are that good and feel like showing off land as many tricks in a row as you can.  Give one drink for each trick landed.  If you crash/bail during a trick take a drink.  It's risk vs reward.
Get ready to see plenty of crashes and of course epic flailing! See you all on twitch!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our drinking game for the Children of Liberty Twitch Stream.

Alright folks we are excited to finally be gearing up for our first Indies Need Booze twitch stream. Our first game we are featuring is Children of Liberty by Lantana Games which you can purchase in early access on Steam. This game is for all you stealth fans as it beautifully blends 2D stealth action into a 3D world. If that's not enough for you, the game takes place in 1775 as British troops enter the city of Boston.

Enough introductions. Lets get to the drinking rules! During the whole twitch stream I'll be keeping to these drinking rules as I play Children of Liberty.
  • Every time your caught by a guard take a drink
  • You are so good at pulling lever so take a drink
  •  Every time you encounter a bug take a drink 
  • Once you claim victory finish the drink entirely
  • During the interview if the word indie gets mentioned take a drink
Don't forget to join us from 9pm to 10pm est for our live stream with Billy Nichols of Lantana Games. You could win a game code to Children of Liberty or an Indies Need Booze flask. 

PAX East Recap: I still don't know WTF Wild Star is.

This was the second year for Indies Need Booze and a second year to prove to Boston that we are not only the most indie party, but the drunkest party as well.

This was the very first year we had developers show at our event. A big round of applause to Jungle Rumble, Formicide, and Drinking Quest for being our Drunken Indie Showcase winners! People really loved having the option to play the game during the event while mingling with other indie developers.

Also, this was the very first year we made people compete for prizes. Jeff from Powerup Audio won an iPad by chugging faster than everyone and Brad won an Ouya by competing in a drunken rock paper scissors contest. In the end, making people compete for prizes by drinking more beer is a big win in my book!

Just because we want the word to spread about this event we are totally going to start name dropping right now! The great people over at Red Hook Games came by and rocked some bottles of wine for their table. Those fancy bastards! There working on a game called Darkest Dungeon and it looks great so far! The team over at Crypt of the Necro Dancer crashed the party as well. I am hoping they release the full version of their game with a Dance Dance Revolution pad because that would be perfection-- perfection I would gladly pay for! Also the team over at World Zombination came by to drink with us as well.

I could go through a list and mention everyone, but I am not here to name drop till the end of time! Just until the end of this post.  Finally, a big thanks goes out to sponsors Dejobaan Games, Indie Game Stand, and The Behemoth. They gave us so much swag to giveaway that everyone left with something cool!

This event was a big success, so now we are moving on to bigger and better things. First off, we are announcing our plans to bring Indies Need Booze to PAX Prime and Boston FIG! Once we finalize dates for those events we will let you all know. Secondly, this Thursday via Twitch we are starting our weekly show with indie developers. At 9pm EST we will be playing Children of Liberty by Lantana Games. Watch me drink away as I talk with Billy Nichols of Lanatana Games. If you didn't get the game already we are giving away a few copies of the game as well as a Indies Need Booze flask. To enter yourself to win some cool swag come on our show and ask your questions!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pay It Forward

Sitting in the lobby of our hotel in Boston after a long day at PAX, we just didn't want to move.  We were so tired and none of us wanted to make our way up to the room.  We were just going to wait until everyone else in our group came back down.  While we waited, I noticed a lady on the phone.  She was speaking with someone about getting passes to PAX for a boy staying at the hotel.  This late in the game, considering the passes sold out months ago, there was little to no chance of that happening.

I had three one day passes.  One for each day.  I bought these before I got my plane ticket and it turned out that I wouldn't be needing my Sunday pass.  A friend, Sudhir, that was with me was in the same boat.  I approached her after she got off the phone and handed her the Sunday pass.  Sudhir followed suit.  Her eyes lit up and she said, "You just made someone very happy" and she called up to the room.  Apparently, he was moping around the hotel room because he couldn't get into PAX.

A few minutes later a boy (..guy...dude?) of 18 or 19 strolled out of the elevator smiling ear to ear.  He couldn't thank us enough.  It felt pretty awesome.  We got him and his mom into PAX for the price of two passes that we weren't going to use anyway.  So, no loss on our part, but it meant a lot to them.

I don't often pat myself on the back, but I will now.  Way to go, me!  

All of us at IndiesNeedBooze are pretty nice guys.  It is rather self-serving that I am the one writing this post, but I just wanted to get it out there.  I feel great about what we did.  It makes me feel good to make people genuinely happy.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to win some kick ass tickets!

So... you forgot to get a ticket didn't you? Well, you are in luck because John and I love handing out free tickets just because we are that cool! How the hell can you win them? Well it is all about finding us at the right moments at first. First, get on your phone and follow us at @indiesneedbooze and @gaminginpublic to get up to the minute details on where we are at. Don't know what we look like? We will be taking way too many selfies and duck lip photos to give you a heads up on where to find us.

Come party down with the best of us at Made in MA. Those tickets you must sign up on eventbrite.  We'll let you figure out the rest.  We can't link everything.  That would be too easy.

John and I love indie games, so of course Friday morning and afternoon we will be hanging around the Indie Mega Booth. 

Some of our good friends over at Drunken Moogle and Indie Game Stand, have a panel called "Land My Job! Inside Advice on Getting into the Game Industry." We will be there sitting in the audience. 

If you want the ultra extreme tickets that get you into the party no matter what then go to "Break on Through: The Future of Music Games" featuring our Drunken Indie Showcase winner Trevor from Disco Pixel. We won't be there, but Trevor has something up his sleeves in order to win them. 

That's it. Now let us back to drinking! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Read This Before You Get Drunk

We are in the final countdown leading up to Indies Need Booze. John and I have been doing lines of tequila in celebration for the upcoming event! Though we party a lot occasionally we do end up making rules so our parties aren't complete anarchy.
  • You must be 21 and over to attend this event. I mean the titles says "Indies Need Booze". We are just clarifying for anyone who didn't already know.
  • If you do no not have a free ticket, Drunken Indie Pass, special guest pass, or are a Drunken Indie Showcase winner you can not get in. John and I will be handing out more free ticket passes for anyone who didn't get one if you can find us! Also, just because you show up drunk, naked, and ready to party does not make you our guest.
  • Anyone who is our special guest or bought Drunken Indie Pass gets in no matter what! If you have a free pass those are first come first serve. Follow us on twitter @indiesneedbooze for free ticket line details. (Or just get there early!)
  • Check in will start as early at 8:30pm. We won't "officially" let people into our actual space for the event until 9:00pm.
  • We are giving prizes at 10:00pm, 11:00pm, and 12:00am. By checking in with your free pass or drunken indie pass we take your name down for the giveaways. If you want to be entered in all the giveaways then get in before 10:00pm.  You have to be present to claim your prize.  If you are not, it will go to the next person picked.
  • If you purchased a Drunken Indie Pass you get a special Indies Need Booze flask plus one game code.
  • Above all, get drunk and order food from our awesome waiters and waitresses. The more you drink, the more likely we are to get a bigger space for next year, and host even more developers!
Again, we can't thank everyone for the support we have gotten this year.  This wouldn't have happened without all of you.  Thank you for being part of Indies Need Booze!

Sincerely, John and Jacob