Monday, January 12, 2015

Chroma Squad Impressions

Chroma Squad is strategy game like no other. Instead of building bases your task to build your own action show. The Chroma Squad are just like the Power Rangers and are under the guide of a director they don't like. Taking matters into their own hands they quit the show and form their own studio. With very few funds or fans it's your task to create a successful TV series with awesome action sequences and villains to battle. Can you make it through each season and keep your fans, or will you lose them past the pilot?

Chroma Squad plays out like XCOM but of course with it's own twist. Your home base is a warehouse where a giant brain gives you direction and guidance on what to do. At home base you can put on new costumes, add additions to your studio, and pick new missions to battle. You even have to go through your email box and make decisions that could very well get you more fans. Though with each decision it could mean the difference between staying in business or moving on to your next episode.

The way you keep your studio is business is by making episodes to generate a fan base and funds. This is where the strategy part of the game comes into play. Each episode you play out has a villain with unique abilities that you must overcome with your team of five. Each person in your squad also has unique abilities and weapons to use. The way you get more fans is by taking as little damage as possible, as well as doing over the top moves. You can do a single attack or move to another squad member and team up for a team attack. When you combine all the squad members together you do an ultimate attack. You can also use other team members to move further by throwing them across the battle field.

The episode is over and now you get to know how many fans you have gained. You also get to know the reaction people have to your episode by their tweets and hash tags they create. It gives you insight on what you did right and wrong in each episode. The trick is to keep your fans on their toes with new costumes, awesome attacks, and taking as little damage as possible. If you do these things your fan base will keep growing.

What do you do with all the money you have earned? Use your funds to buy new studio additions, costumes weapons, and materials to craft your own items. Purchased items cost a bit more, but by crafting your own items you can save some money in case you make an episode that tanks. Without money you can't increase your chances or getting more fans. I suggest managing your finances well!

Right now the game is in early access so there are a few issues. My main issue with the game is mainly with how items are equipped. It's hard to tell what items are equipped or not to your characters. Half the time I went into battle I thought I had an item equipped and I didn't. My other issue is comparing items. There's no way to see how buying an item changes your characters stats until you equip it. Half the time I made a bad purchase because the item I had before was a lot better.

This game is in early access so a lot of these issues can be fixed. Chroma Squad even in beta is worth your time and money. The game feels like an awesome power rangers season mixed with an awesome strategy game. I suggest getting the game off Indie Game Stand which comes with a Steam key!

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