Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Grav Impressions

Grav is sci-fi adventure game with an open world environment. It's about exploring the open world to harvest materials, craft items, and finding some epic dungeons to raid. This whole concept would be amazing if you could actually get the game to work. If it does work good luck having any general understanding of what to do. Here's how a game with so much promise falls short. This game is in early access, but here are some problems I had with Grav. 

Lets get started with loading a game. The game literally loads you into the server list where you can choose one to play on. I live on the east coast so I picked a server with a decent ping. This is where the game takes forever to even load the game world you play in. Shortest time it took me to get into a server was four minutes and the longest time took about eight minutes. Also during the loading screen I thought the game had froze but part of the process of the game is the game not responding for a solid thirty seconds. This is the most frustrating part of the game but understandably it's loading a massive a world. 

After you finally make it into a server more problems will arise. Get ready for the game to lag to no end. Finally you can adjust the graphical settings here, but why couldn't you just fix this before you joined a server? Even when you turn turn all the settings down the game still seems to lag to a point where all your actions take a second or two to register. One second you are attacking an enemy to gain some food next second you're dead. 

Now if you happen to get everything to work here's how the game works. You start off with a knife and a multi tool. It's your job to explore the world to build new weapons, armor, bases, and scavenge food. First off I found it hard to really starve to death since the meter runs down so slow. The harder job I found was trying to find lower level enemies to kill in order to create new weapons and structures. You create all these things by finding blue prints which gives you the instructions in order to build items. Problem is you spend about a good ten to twenty minutes trying to find an enemy at your level. If it's to high it will kill you instantly if you try to attack it. 

I had a chance to only build one thing after an hour of me trying to figure out what to kill and what to harvest. There is always a certain amount of discovery in a video game but it's to the point where I had no general idea of what I was doing. It was frustrating since I really wanted to get into this game. I tried messaging other people on the server with me and there was no response. The most enjoyable action in this game I have found so far is sadly standing still and making my character dance. 

Now there are tons of things going wrong with this game but It does have one redeeming quality which are it's graphics. Grav does a great job with putting you into a large open world with great character modules, and beautiful landscapes. Sadly you can't even enjoy the scenery due to the lag you encounter. Again just get back to pressing that dance button since standing still doesn't seem to make your game lag. 

Final verdict is you pass on Grav for now. It's only in alpha so it still has a long way from it being completed. I would love to revisit this game once it's in beta or fully released. No matter how great a concept, or great looking it might be it fails at execution. Though if you are willing to take the risk you can get the game on Steam right now. 


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