Friday, January 16, 2015

Orbital Gear Impressions

Orbital Gear is a side scrolling shooter where you utilize gravitational pull and push. There are twelve weapons to choose from but you must pick only two to go into battle with. You can also choose from one of four skills to take into battle as well. Take your chances at death match, orbital gear, or a single player mode called orbital trials. Orbitial Gear delivers an online experience that is not only fun but fast paced.

Let's start off with the game modes. First off I suggest skipping over orbital trials unless you really can't wait for your friends to get online. Orbital trails is just a series of levels with challenges to overcome. You can compete in leader boards for first place in this mode. Death Match is the best mode for this game. All you have to do is kill your team mates until you reach a score limit which defaults at 100, but I suggest setting it to 200 since 100 point matches end pretty quickly. Orbital Warfare is the team based mode where  teams fight against each other to destroy bases. This game mode is fun, but I wouldn't suggest playing this game mode with less than four players per team. First team to destroy all the structures on the opposing base wins. The nice thing about this game mode is you can make comebacks by repairing bases before they are completely destroyed, so you need a team that can play a good defense as well as offense.

Of course you play online games for the thrill, and Orbital Gear delivers that feeling. You aim at other players by using the mouse and you jump by pressing the space bar. Though where the real skill comes into play is by using the small planets which have gravitational pull and push. By jumping high in the air you can use a planets gravity to swing your character at faster speeds. The trick is jumping at the right moment because the gravity can also work against you. Sometimes you can get caught between two planets making you hover for a little bit allowing other players to take you off easily. I suggest using the outside of each map to increase your speeds and picking off players that come in your way. The faster you go the harder you make it for players to hit you. 

Now lets talk weaponry. There are twelve guns to choose from but you can only pick two at a time. Choosing the right two weapons is key to winning any good game. For instance one of my tactics is to use Phase Orb and Hornets together. Phase Orb is a gun that creates a massive energy ball that moves through planets, and does massive damage. It has it's own gravitational pull, but takes a while to fire. A good balance might be choosing Hornets a weapon that shoots missiles which lock on to enemies, but does little damage. Every gun has its pros and cons but one that I thought could use some balancing was the nail gun. I saw very few players use it and found it to do way to little damage. 

Even the skill you choose can mean the difference from surviving and dying. Booster is a skill that is great to run away from enemies, as well as avoid massive phase orb attacks. The satellite turret drops a small turret that shoots players that come by. It's a great skill for players who use sniper rifles, because it distracts the player while you line up your shots. Mines I found to be the worst skill just because they did so little damage. Once you get the hang of the whole game shield can also be a good skill to keep yourself from being damage. 

Orbital Gear keeps you on the edge of your seat. Nothing feels better then killing three people in a row while orbiting a planet at crazy speeds! It's an side scrolling shooter that you and your friends should be playing right now! You can pick it up on Steam for yourself or even in a four pack!

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