Monday, January 5, 2015

Porcunipine Impressions

Local multiplayer games seem to be on the rise in this day and age. Porcunipine pits up to four players in combat with the simple goal of killing each other. The only weapon you have is one needle that you can ricochet off walls, so each shot must be carefully timed. There is no reloading as you must run and try to pick up your shot without getting killed by other players. This game can be a lot of fun, and even in early access provides many great moments.

The game features three game modes Survival, Last Man Standing, and Arena. This game is meant to be played with your friends, so I would just skip over Survival mode for now. It's not a bad game mode, but it's just not as fun as killing your friends. Last Man Standing pits four players against each until one player is left standing. If you are the last player left you get one point. You can adjust the amount of points a player wins before the game is over. Arena simply has four players battle each other in a certain amount of time. The person with the most kills win.

What makes the game great are the different levels you can choose from.  The ice world has frozen water that you slip and slide on. Also you can use the snowman as coverage from attacks. Another world has triangle structures that you can bounce your attacks off of. This can be kinda hectic with four players for sure. Though each world has three different variations so you can change up the action.

Game play is easy just plug in a controller and play. Move around with the joystick and hit the "A" button to shoot. When you need to pick up your needle just walk over and hit the "A" button again. You can play without a controller but the controls can be awkward on a keyboard. You can also plug in multiple controllers for up to four players at once.

My biggest gripe with the game is customization. First off I wish you could customize how much the needle bounces off objects. By adding some options to change that around you could really bring new life to the game without even adding new levels. Another thing that got on my nerves was not seeing clearly which needle was mine to pick up. Though that seems like a easy fix by maybe highlighting the needle with the color character actually is. Though these things can big fixed since this game is still in early access.

Final verdict is that this game is totally worth your time and hard earned money.  You can pick it up for cheap on Indie Game Stand. The characters are adorable, and you can kill your friends in glorious battle!

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