Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hive Jump Impressions

Hive Jump is a game that pits one to four players against massive waves of enemies. It's one part exploration, another part platformer, but all action. The game literally throws you into a hive that you must fight your way through cave by cave. The bigger question is can you make your way out of the hive alive?

The cool thing about this game is that it's randomly generated, so every time you play the game the level changes. This makes the game even harder as you scramble to find the next cave in order to survive. As the game progresses more and more enemies appear on screen to the point where firepower alone can not stop the hordes of enemies.

Once you find the entrance to the next cave you can level up your weapons. You do this by collecting items that drop from the enemies you kill. You can also find more of this currency by entering into other rooms and finding chests. Though these rooms require more precise platforming.

At your arsenal you start off with a basic assault rifle and grenade but you can upgrade all of these with points you pick up in game. You can also use your points to purchase new weapons to fight off the horde. The first rifle you get with max upgrades is your best bet for survival. In terms of grenades you should spend your hard earned points on bounce grenades since they don't require any real accuracy other than hitting a target.

My one gripe with the game is the difficulty. Right now the game is built to be played with four players, but while playing by myself I would die constantly in the first two minutes. Though with enough practice I just learned to run as fast as I could. After I made it to the end of the first cave it got easier once I upgraded my weapons. This game is still in very early stage so a lot of this will be changed.

This is a game you should go and pick up right now. Even though it's not finished this team is working hard to create an amazing co-op shooter. Also with future updates they will be adding online co-op as well. I suggest you go straight to their site and pay for the game right now where you can get beta access!

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