Friday, February 20, 2015

Knight Squad Impressions

Knight Squad is a game of eight knights competing in the most hectic game on Steam to date. Choose from one of nine game modes to compete by yourself or on teams. Right now Knight Squad is a game that is still in early access but still provides lots of fun alone or with friends. Can you handle the sword stabbing madness of Knight Squad?

Single player game modes are Capture The Grail, Gladiator, Last Man Standing, and Juggernaut. Team based game modes are Crystal Rush, Team Death Match, Soccer, Domination, and Capture the Flag. Most of these game modes you are use to but Soccer, Juggernaut, Crystal Rush, and Capture the Grail are the stand out game modes for Knight Squad. Not to say the other game modes aren't fun, but these game modes are what separates Knight Squad from the other party based games.

First suggestion before you even begin to start playing this game is to get a controller. You can play with a keyboard but the movements are so awkward. It's really meant to be played with a controller in your hands. It controls well just move around with the left analog stick and attack with the A button. It's simple to learn, but playing each game mode requires different strategies.

My favorite game mode so far is Crystal Rush. This is a game where teams fight to destroy the opposing teams crystals. You do this by picking up the drill on the map which allows you to attack the opposing teams crystals. First team to destroy the other teams crystals is the winner! This is where tactics come into play. It's important to work as a team so one person can drill while another player protects the driller. You should be careful since it's also your goal to protect your own crystals as well too.

The game also features a good amount of weapons. You start off with a basic sword to stab other players. By picking up weapons you can either change what you have or increase the power of your current weapon. Each weapon can go up to max level after you pick it up three times. For instance the sword increases in length when you pick it up more than once.

There are also power-ups to pick up. These can tip a match in your favor depending on when and how you use them. A shield can take one hit keeping you alive a bit longer then you normally could. Other items like ice can freeze all the other players allowing you to rack up kills until they unfreeze themselves.

My one gripe is with no online multiplayer only local, but that is soon to change. This game is in early access so there is still plenty more content to come like online mulitplayer and more maps! I suggest picking the game up right now on Steam and support an awesome indie developer!

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