Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wrack Impressions

Wrack is a first person shooter that reminds you of the good old days of gaming. No more regenerating health or guiding your character through cut scenes. This is pure old school shooting fun. It's your job to stop an evil mastermind as well as kill tons of deadly robots. Get ready for a shooter that will have you on the edge of your seat and your palms sweaty. 

Wrack has a story and that's a lot more said than most first person shooters. It's just enough story to keep you tied from one level to another. Each level plays like an episode of a comic book. The game also does a good job of making you feel like a comic book hero with colorful backgrounds and wonderfully cell shaded characters. After each level you learn more and more about your mission and the evil villain you must stop. 

Are you really buying a first person shooter for a good story? No you are reading this review to know how the game plays. Lets just say this game is like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D had a baby and they feed it steroids. The goal of the game is to rack up massive amounts of kills in a row to increase your score. By killing more enemies in a row you generate a finishing meter which has four levels. The higher the level the more damage you can do with a final blow but this meter runs out quickly if you don't continue to kills enemies. Also the higher your finishing meter the higher your score streak goes! Though theirs a trade off of course because by trying to kill enemies as fast as possible can lead to careless mistakes like being attacked or falling to your death in lava!

Now of course you all want to know about weaponry and it's fantastic. Each weapon has it's own finishing move, and unique timer before losing your kill streak. The pistol has a large clip of bullets, shoots at a moderate rate, but to increase it's finishing meter requires good amount of accuracy. The sword is massive and does tons of damage at close range but leaves you open to attacks. If you want to watch an amazing finisher use the sword as it's finisher kills enemies on contact. It also flings energy attacks at enemies from a distance.  

Control wise you can play this whole game with a controller but I think if you plan to play this game on Hardcore you really want your mouse and keyboard. There is no run mode but the normal walking speed of this game is pretty fast so getting use to movement speed can take some time. Though to become an expert player you must perfect the art of running and strafing at the same time. This allows you to attack enemies as well as dodge attacks. 

Of course once you finish all the main parts of the game you can also create your own levels, and mods! Even if you aren't creative people have already created great content for you to enjoy. So far my favorite user created level is a recreation of the first level in Wolfenstein 3D. It's pretty amazing that people even have the time to create such amazing things. Above all this content is free!

Of course no game is perfect. A few problems I had were with trying to increase my finishing meter with certain weapons. The Pulsar was a weapon that I always passed over when it came to finishers because it required a room to be full of enemies. The Pulsar needs tons of ammo so by the time I wasted a full clip it wasn't enough enemy killed for a finisher. The stronger the weapon the harder it is to get a finisher. It just felt ridiculously hard to me that I didn't usually bother. My final problem was one enemy whose attack you couldn't see. It's a giant robot who swings his arms at the ground which looks like a ground pound, but theirs no attack animation showing it come towards you. Overtime I realized that the attack can be dodged by jumping to the side.

Verdict is that Wrack is a must own if you need a fix for an awesome arcade shooter. You'll be sweating bullets as you try to master each level, and preform devastating finishing attacks on your enemies. The game runs smoothly and puts you into the role of hero fighting robots at break neck speeds. You can purchase the game right now on Steam.

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