Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Oblitus Impressions

Adult Swim Games has come out with their first big Steam release of the year called Oblitus. It's a game with little forgiveness as it asks to defeat the whole game in one play through.  If you die even once you have to start over from the beginning. Though the game is never the same twice as power ups, and enemies are randomly generated across the game. Is this game to hard for most gamers, or is it just challenging enough to keep you coming back for more?

To start off Oblitus has a short tutorial that you should do before you play the game. You should grab your controller and plug it in since that's the best way to play Oblitus. It teaches you some cool moves that you wouldn't know unless you randomly did it in game. You are given a shield to block enemy attacks but you can also parry attacks with it as well. Also you get a spear that you can stab enemies with or throw. Once you throw it you lose it for a certain amount of time until you get a new one. You can always pick up again after you throw it again but you should just block and wait till you get a new spear.

Death is something that will constantly happen to you in Oblitus. The game is only about an hour long for most players, but expert players can literally beat the game in under thirty minutes. Though Oblitus doesn't point you in the right direction so you learn where to go through trial and error. The Bosses will always be in the same general area but power-ups will always be in different spots. Also through all this trial and error you learn the game and grow with it over time. Death sucks, but you just can't stop coming back for more.

Oblitus really leaves you with no back story but just a few clues here and there of the world you are in. It's beautifully set in a world where one second you're in a forest, then the next second you're in caves fighting off giant spiders. Boss fights are probably the highlight of Oblitus. Bosses tower over your tiny warrior as each battle feels unique to each area. One boss literally pulls vines covered in thorns from the background while you have to throw spears at it's giant back. Oblitus delivers a great sense a scale that most games don't offer.

Oblitus isn't perfect but what games is? I've ran into a few problems with loading the game where it got stuck on the first loading screen. Though this bug has only occurred about twice for me. Another problem is one time when the game world was generated I found an area where there was no way to exit. I had already plugged thirty minutes into that run and had to restart which was a real bummer. Though again these bugs didn't happen often and don't really affect my final feelings about the game.

Oblitus is a game worth picking up if you enjoy a challenge. It's a game that can be beat in a day but requires a lot of trial and error. Giant boss battles, power-ups, and a sense of death around every corner isn't your cup of tea then pass it over. Oblitus is perfect for any hardcore gamer though. Even though the game is short you are paying for the experience of being put into a beautifully rendered world and a challenge that most indie games avoid. You can purchase the game off of Steam right now!

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