Thursday, March 12, 2015

Post PAX East

To start off I would just like to say thank you to everyone who attended Indies Need Booze at PAX East. This year was our largest attendance to date! We had over 300 people attend our PAX East event which beats our PAX Prime event which had 248 people attend. Even with the cold weather we still were able to to keep attendance up and put on another great event. 

With a new event came even bigger sponsors. This year we were proud to have tinyBuild, 3D Realms and Adult Swim Games become our new sponsors. tinyBuild provided lanyards and game codes for all our guests on top of showing Speed Runners, and Check-In Knock-Out. Adult Swim games also provided all our guests with a code for Oblitus and allowed people to play Duck Game, and Rain World. Did I also mention some of the tinyBuild staff even dressed like characters from their own game Speed Runners! 3D Realms provided buttons to all our guests for their newest game Bombshell.

One staple of our events is that guests can play games instead of waiting in a massive line during the actual convention. We went from showing six games during PAX Prime to ten games in all. We featured Check-In Knock-Out, Speed Runners, Rain World, Duck Game, Soda Drinker Pro, Worlds of REM, Black Ice, Super Dwarf Madness, Catlateral Damage, and Jungle Rumble. This is also great because it allows developers to make more personal connections with their fan base. 

What's next for Indies Need Booze? We are looking at our options but you can count on us being at PAX Prime. We are aiming to have a venue that can hold 350 to 400 people because at the rate we are growing we add about fifty tickets for each new event we hold at PAX. Also with a bigger venue we are hoping to have even more indie developers show at our event. See you all at our next PAX event! 


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