Thursday, April 16, 2015

Axiom Verge Impressions

This entire game was made by one guy.  That is insane.  Just think about that.  Over the course of five years Thomas Happ slowly labored over this masterpiece.  Yes, I just called it that.  This is what happens when you have one cohesive, unfaltering vision and the talent to back it up.  I don't know the finer details of this game's development.  All I know is the ends results and they are fantastic.

To be clear, I have not finished it yet.  Yet, I can already tell that I will re-visit this game for years to come.  It has taken it's place alongside classics like Symphony of the Night and Super Metroid.  It doesn't copy those games though.  They share certain similarities, but Axiom Verge always has it's own twist on things.

Since this game is about discovery, I won't elaborate on the things you'll see.  I will just say that it is worth the price of admission.  The story is simple, super weird, and ultimately intriguing.  I have put in a little over 20 hours, which puts me at 73% of the map explored and 50% of the items obtained.  I am just at the point in the game where it starts to up the difficulty.  To be completely honest, I am stuck on a boss.  Every time I fight it I come a little closer to understanding and little closer to conquering.

The game is absolutely gorgeous.  The pixel art is a combination of 16-bit / 32-bit era and in high definition the art is crisp and clean with graphical effects that are simply awesome.  Every step of the way I keep reminding myself that this game was made by one dude-- and how incredibly talented he must be.  This game doesn't lean on nostalgia, because it doesn't need to do so.  There isn't a single part of this game that wasn't well executed.

Right now, it is only on PS4.  It is cross-buy though.  So, if you do purchase it you will be get the VITA version as well... whenever that is released.

So, I am going to stop writing now and get back to the game because when a game can stay on your mind as much as Axiom Verge, even after 20 hours, you know you have something special.


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