Friday, April 10, 2015

Depth Impressions

Lately I have a fix on first person shooters. Evolve has been my go to online game for a great new take on man vs beast. Evolve is a great to play with friends, but it lacks the tension since matches are so long. Depth is like Evovle but pits a team of two sharks vs four divers in the craziest edge of your seat shooter on PC to date. It's a game that always feels different no matter how many times you play and nothing is scarier than a giant shark lunging after you!

The game is simple it's sharks vs divers as one sides fights for supremacy over the other. Each team has a set number of lives so strategy is key for winning. Sharks can win by destroying the divers treasure robot S.T.E.V.E or by killing them until they run out of lives. As a diver you can win by either killing the sharks till they run out of lives or by letting S.T.E.V.E. open all the treasure chests and reaching escape cage. It mixes both team death match, and an objective based mode into one game.

As a diver money is how you gain new equipment and weapons. At the start of each round you just have enough money to buy a pistol and an upgrade. You earn more money by letting S.T.E.V.E open up chests as well as picking up treasure from the ocean floor. With each piece of treasure you pick up you must take back to S.T.E.V.E. in order gain the cash. If a shark kills you before you drop off your treasure you lose it all! Though the weapons range from machine guns, spear guns, pistols, but the game has some pretty interesting equipment. My favorite item to date is the shark shield which creates a bubble that blocks sharks from being able to see where you are on the map as long as you don't leave the bubble.

Sharks can't earn money so they have evolution points. You earn evolution points by eating divers in each game.  They can be used to increase your passive skills or use them improve your active skill. There are different sharks to chose from each with their own unique skills. The Great White shark for example has an active skill that lets you reduce damage for a limited amount of time. By increasing his active skill you can increase the amount of damage you take in as well make nets less effective. It's just one example, but there are plenty of ways you can play as a shark to suit your play style. Honestly just killing divers is fun since you simulate thrashing by moving the mouse as fast as you can in opposite directions.

Depth has really good level design so divers do better in close quarters, while sharks are dominate in open waters. Though team work is the name of the game for either side. Well organized teams can dominate any situation whether it's in open waters or in a sunken pirate ship. I suggest grabbing some of your friends to play this game if you really want to become an expert since most people don't play with microphones.

My few gripes with the game have to do with the tutorial. Other than a bunch of text files the game doesn't really teach you how to play it but once you learn the controls they are pretty easy. The other problem the game suffers from I think has to do being able to choose a server to play on. Right now the options are to be matched up with random players or creating your own lobby and inviting your friends. Again these problems don't really make or break the game for me.

Depth is a game well worth the money. Though this game is meant only to be played online it really deserves a lot more press than it is getting. It's a fun game that requires fast reflexes and team work like no other first person shooter does this year. Matches are easy to jump into and didn't experience any horrible moments of lag. Depth creates an excitement that feels like your a massive shark or a human with a machine gun swimming under water. You can purchase the game on Steam right now!

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