Monday, April 20, 2015

Space Beast Terror Fright Impressions

Get ready to die. Not just die once, but over and over again. Space Beast Terror Fright is a challenging first person shooter that requires all your skill. Your one goal is to find the coolant stations and arm a space station full of hostile aliens to explode. With randomly generated levels, each time you play feels like you are in a brand new space station. It only takes one strike from an alien to kill you and death is around every single corner.

You have one weapon-- a rifle, but you have limited ammo. Conservation of your ammo is key to making it out of the space station in one piece. You can also activate turrets which shoot at enemies for you, but they also have limited amounts of ammo as well. Weapons only help you fight off enemies for a short amount of time because there are unlimited amounts of enemy waves to fight off. 

The game doesn't hold your hand, but it gives you a little guidance about where to go. At the bottom of the screen UI gives you a small indicator on where the next data core is. Data cores give you random perks like more battery life, faster download speed, more ammo, and even heat vision that lets you see enemies better. Though in order to download a data core you must stand in front of it and wait till in finishes if you leave before it finishes you have to restart the process again. This can be challenging with the alien swarms are also chasing you down at the same time!

The game also features a sensor meter which indicates how far enemies are from you, but doesn't tell you there exact location. The aliens can be blocked off by closing doors, but they can eventually break through any door. All it takes is one hit from them and your dead, so the key is to keep as much space as possible between you and them. Avoiding confrontation is the best strategy. I would highly suggest this tactic, but at times you'll have to go through a wave in order to progress. 

The game plays well with a controller and you can play with up to four players locally. Though I wish it had online multiplayer, it's not the end of the world. The fact that I have to be social in real life and invite some friends over to play isn't too much of a barrier. The game dynamically changes and becomes a bit easier with friends playing with me. As a single player experience, it can be scary and stressful.

If you don't want to be challenged then don't buy this game. If you don't want a game to hold your hand and tell you what to do then pick up Space Beast Terror Fright on Steam Early Access. 


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