Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Square Heroes Impressions

I am personally a big fan of online indie gaming. There needs to be more of it and Square Heroes offers that. It's not anything brand new it's actually based off a title called Square Off for Xbox Live Indie Market. It's a lot more fleshed out than that first title with new guns, weapons, and hats, and game modes. The game also features both co-op and competitive online multiplayer. Square Heroes is a great example of how video games don't have to reinvent new concepts but just improve on ones that already exist.

Square Heroes has a single player mode but this is just for the sole purpose of showing you the game. It shows you the controls for the game as well as teaching you all the multiplayer game types. It's something that you could literally skip over if you have friends to play with online. If you can even find some random players online I would highly suggest that over the single player mode.

Alright here's the real reason why anyone would purchase this game is the multiplayer. Joining matches is simple and easy. What's great is that people can vote on the game mode they want to play even if they aren't the person running the game! Co-op matches go up to four players while competitive matches go up to six players.

The game play is simple especially with a controller but you can also play with a keyboard and mouse. You use the right analog stick to aim and the left analog stick to move. Shooting is as easy as pressing the the right or left triggers. You can switch your weapons by opening a small circle menu with the right bumper and holding a direction for the weapon you want to choose.

Instead of describing each individual game mode I would just like to talk about my favorite one which is King Slayer. It's a co-op mode for up to four player where you face aganist one strong computer player known as the Alien King. He floats around and can kill you in one hit with melee and a couple of hits with his crossbow. You must work as a team to take him down because you only get one shot before it's round over. If a player dies you don't re spawn until either the Alien King kills you all or you kill him. It's a fun game mode that requires team work and coordination.

Also the game features a leveling system that helps you unlock new weapons, hats, abilities. The weapons don't just look different but have unique attributes. This is the same for the hats as well that can help you turn the tide in a battle. Though leveling can take a good bit of time but there are certain hours of the day where you gain extra experience.

One problem with the game has to do with death. Following players after death is a key feature in most online games because who wants to stare at your own corpse until the round is over? Sadly you can't cycle through the players that are still alive to watch the game which can be annoying especially when the player who dies is trying to stream the game. Hopefully this can be fixed.

It's a game that's easy to pick up and play. Play it at a party of play it online with your friends. Either way it's fun so what more do you want! You can pick up the game on Steam.


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