Friday, June 19, 2015

Duck Game Impressions

Duck Game had been a game that almost made me purchase an Ouya just so I could play it. When I first heard the news that Duck Game was coming to Steam I jumped out of my seat with excitement. Though the Duck Game you remember from Ouya is not the same Duck Game on PC. Duck Game got a whole lot better and has a lot more content.

Duck Game features a single player mode. It's fun I guess, but who is really buying Duck Game for the challenges?  You should do them since it helps you get the hang of all the mechanics in the game, but that's about it. Also, you can unlock certain hats only by playing these challenges in single player.

The real reason you purchased this game is to kill your friends online. You can play with teams of two or free for all for up to four players. This game is really more fun as a free for all game. You can set the map types and weapons. The real magic of the game is playing random maps with random weapons. That way there aren't any real advantage for any one player since you are always switching it up.

The objective of Duck Game is simple-- kill your friends one by one until your the last duck standing. If you are the last one standing then you receive one point. It only takes one bullet to kill you, so be careful with all your shots. Intermission tallies up the score after so many rounds which lets you know who is in the lead. The first person to reach ten or greater at intermission is the winner. If there is a tie then it's one tie breaker match.

Duck Game is not only fun, but just makes you laugh non-stop at the shear stupidity of it. When you press B on the gamepad you let out a "quack" since, of course, you're a duck. You can quack at any moment and time. But do you know whats better than quacking? Hats.  Hats are better than quacking.  What makes this even better is choosing your hat before you start the game. These hats can make you look like a giant log, hamburger, frog, monster, and even a double beer hat. Each has it's own unique quack animation that makes the most uptight person laugh out loud. You can turn off the quack button in custom games, but why would you do that?

Another point I need to mention is the level creator. Not enough maps for you? Stop complaining and create your own madness to play with your friends! It's easy to create levels with the tool and nothing is more fun than a level full of grenades and explosives!

Duck Game is the most ridiculous online shooter for 2015 (so far) and it's probably not getting any crazier than this. It brings the magic of the Ouya version to your PC with more weapons, but the same Duck Game you remember (Or don't?-- Seriously, who bought an Ouya?) You can purchase the game right now on Steam.


  1. The graphics on this game are just awesome. That title screen especially! I love it. The graphics are almost on par with the graphics of Mobile Strike Online... which is saying a lot, because MSO has some of the best graphics for a free game that I've ever seen!

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