Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dungeon Souls

Dungeon Souls isn't a completely new game.  It builds from the shoulders of previous games. If you take Dark Souls, mix in a little Nuclear Throne, and a splash of Risk of Rain you get Dungeon Souls. It sounds like a lot of fun, but there are a few problems here and there.  Luckily, these are things that  can be fixed.  Let us note that this game is in early access and still isn't completed.

The game starts off by letting you choose a fallen warrior. There are a few to choose from, however the ones that stand out the most are the archer and mage. Each class has a primary attack and two abilities to switch between. Each ability has a certain amount of cool down that prevents a constant spam of attacks. Choosing a class wisely is key to making it through each dungeon. 

Each dungeon you enter is randomly generated, but has the same objective. Find six things to activate, fight the monsters that come out of them, and make it to the next dungeon. Enemies can also randomly spawn anywhere and if you don't move fast enough a special monster comes after you that kills you in one hit.  It's a little bit like the Yeti in Ski Free and if you don't remember that game then I feel sorry for you. Either way, the name of the game is, "speed and efficiency". 

Enemies drop money which you can use to buy upgrades from the shopkeeper that is randomly placed in each dungeon. Choose wisely as you only have one choice before he vanishes.  With each enemy you dispatch, you will gain experience. Each level you gain you can increase accuracy, damage, defense, or speed. 

Take note, this game is hard. Don't expect to make it past the first dungeon the first few times.  After defeating two dungeons the player will reach a boss and so far I still haven't beaten him.  This game is intended to kill you over and over again. You, as the smart, charismatic, and handsome person that you are, will learn from your mistakes and keep beating your head against this wall until one of you breaks.  My money is on you, kiddo!

Again, this is an early access game that I am hoping they make some improve.  The Barbarian class comes to mind as something that could be re-evaluated. He has lots of health, but his attack speed and weapon reach just make you a slow moving target that dies... slowly.  The longer range classes have a clear advantage, making the archer the easiest class for beginners.

My opinion is that Dungeon Souls is totally worth your money to pick up.  It's not perfect, but it is worth it.  Again, it's in early access with a few issues.  Online multiplayer is coming soon so it will only go up in price. If you like challenging games with countless enemies and awesome abilities then Dungeon Souls is the game for you.

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