Monday, May 4, 2015

Westerado Impressions

Instead of telling you my ultimate feelings on Westerado, I thought I would tell you about the game in the form of the story. Westerado is a unique game that allows the player to make drastic decisions that change the story line. Though with any story there are always blurred lines of right and wrong. Here's a short story I would like to call "Tale of the paranoid cowboy"

Tale of the Paranoid Cowboy

Once upon a time there was a cowboy who tended to a ranch with his brother. Everything was going well until one night bandits invaded their ranch and robbed them of everything. They took all their buffalo and left the Cowboy's brother for dead.  The Cowboy couldn't stand to watch his brother die; he did the humane thing and took out his gun to end his life. 

Wiping the gun of his brothers blood, the Cowboy set out on his journey to avenge his death. Where could these bandits be? The Cowboy decided to move into his uncle's house where he was offered a warm bed and a place to heal his wounds. Was this a trap? Was his uncle really working for the bandits this whole time? Taking action, the Cowboy shoots his uncle.  The Cowboy took his kindness as a cover up for being the murderer.  The uncle, soon after being killed, comes back as "Uncle the Friendly Ghost" saying that he didn't deserve to be shot. 

With the his uncle's ghost floating around his new home, the Cowboy realized that maybe he wasn't the bandit who killed his brother and sets out to find the real killer. Was the bandit a woman? Did the bandit own a bank? The Cowboy didn't know, so he went from town to town murdering everyone in his sight because he could never be too cautious. 

The Cowboy also had this other crazy idea in his head; maybe he wasn't even a cowboy at all, but an actor on the set of a motion picture. Testing this theory he plans out his attack on a small town to the north of his uncle's house. He starts opening fire into the crowd killing a few women and even the bank tellers.  All of sudden a man appears and states, "I'm the director. How dare you ruin my film!" Waves upon waves of extras come after the Cowboy.  He fights back, but not for long as he is overrun and killed. 

This is where our story ends with one paranoid cowboy lying dead in a manufactured small town. He died doing what he loved.  He died being paranoid and killing. The reality was that the whole ordeal was staged by the director, but that didn't make the cowboy's plight any less real.  May his body rest in peace.


This is just one example of a story line that can carry out in the game. If you want to be the good guy and save all the towns then do it. If you want to be the jackass who robs people for money you can do that as well. Westerado is many things and there's really no right or wrong way to go. You can pick up Westerado on Steam right now!